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Coincidentally, I just published some of my thoughts about future of licenses and a potential impact from cloud software PLM cloud and Software Licensing transformation. Maybe it will be a case for SolidWorks V6?
Does it mean PLM 360 can practically make a chance to a revision locked in Vault?
Brian, Nice post and sneaky way to cross link two systems. Can you tell me if Vault has an option to notify about location changes? If so, it can keep data consistency, otherwise links can be corrupted by changes in Vault. Thanks! Oleg
Doug, nice summary! I have a question about Item Management practices when work with Vault /PLM 360 sync tools. As I understand, Items and BOM will be always synchronized "one-way" like you explain here --> === Revision History - When an item is synchronized, all revisions get synchronized. So you can view the item history in PLM 360 just like you can in Vault. BOM - The entire BOM is synchronized, not just a single item. Again, the result is an identical data in Vault and PLM 360. === So, where /how do you suggest to manage Item Masters? Is it Vault of PLM 360? Another question is about multiple Bill of Materials? How do you recommend to manage multiple BOMs when you're synching BOM all the time from Vault? Let say I want to have EBOM/MBOM/PurchaseBOM/AssemblyBOM/AsBuiltBOM. I assume every BOM will seat in a separate Workspace, correct? In that case, how should I synchronize BOM from Vault? Thanks, Oleg
Rob, What you are saying about multiple BOMs (EBOM, MBOM, Purchase, Assembly, Bult) is really interesting. Can you give me a reference on how I can organize multi-BOM structures in PLM360? I've been trying to build few, and I stuck. The workspace has only one BOM structure, and I don't want to use what called general relationships (I'm not sure I captured this name "gen rel" right from our last talk). So, does it mean I will need to build multiple workspaces for EBOM/MBOM/PurchaseBOM/AssemblyBOM/AsBuiltBOM? If so, how I can inherit data between these workspaces? I'd like to reference you to two of my posts. One post is 3 years ago - Seven Rules towards Single BOM -- I'd be interested how Autodesk Vault / PLM combination can follow these rules? Another one is a modern version of the same post :) -- Cloud PLM and Bill of Material Question. Thanks, Oleg
Shaan, I'd be interested to join and discuss technology. Best, Oleg
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Jul 26, 2011