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When I saw this, I started translating the Japanese promo cover for language practice, but I finished I figured I might as well post it here. Here is my pretty literal translation of the whole thing, along with the phonetic transcriptions. Please excuse the roughness; I'm just a beginner-intermediate learner. ナンバーセンス Nambaa Sensu Number Sense ビッグデータの嘘を見抜く Biggu Deita no uso wo minugu Seeing through lies of Big Data 「統計リテラシー」の身につけ方 Dokei Riterashii" no mi ni tsuke kata How to have* "Statistical Literacy" (*lit: wear) カイザー・ファング 著 Kaisaa Fangu-cho Kaiser Fung, author 矢羽野 薫 訳 Yahano Kaoru wake Yahano Kaoru - transl. (This might not be the right reading of the translator's name... apologies if so!) 『ヤバい統計学』著者 YABAI Dokeigaku chosha author of Bad Statistics* *the Japanese title of Numbers Rule Your World 世の中おかしな分析だらけ yononaka okashina bunseki The whole world is covered with weird* analysis *おかしい has broad connotations that include funny, bogus, strangely off *レストランの集客にクーポンは役立つ? - resutoran no shuukyaku ni kuupon wa yakudatsu? Do coupons help to increase patronage of restaurants? *失業率の増減を実感できないのはなぜ? shitsukyouritsu no sougen wo jikkan dekinai no wa naze? Why can't we get a real sense of the fluctuations of unemployment?* * a little shaky on this one *ダイエットできるかどうかは統計次第? DAETTO dekiru ka dou ka wa doukei shidai? Is whether diets work or not dependent on statistics?* * not really sure about my translation on this one! I'll ask some actual Japanese people. The last words in the image are just CCCxメディアハウス = CCCxMediaHouse. I certainly welcome corrections from native Japanese speakers/more advanced learners!
I'm cheering for Occulus Rift, but a recent visit to Orlando showed me that I can't tolerate simulation rides any more. One ride on the Harry Potter attraction and I was out of it for the rest of the day. If a VR revolution does come around soon, people like me will probably be left out at first. Too bad, because I loved the Occulus demo of Mirror's Edge. Maybe there will be room for another product to address this.
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