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this post apply more for bands with real instrument (rock, pop etc ...) but but when it comes to electronic scenes ... younger crowds ... younger scenes ...
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At a time when stardom is becoming defined by the numbers of clic, it might be a good thing for everybody in this new ecosytem to have a more transparent accounting system.
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hypebot used to be better than this.
Toggle Commented Dec 6, 2011 on Occupy The Music Industry at hypebot
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thanx clyde. this is a scary comment indeed. i am half brazilian and i spent a great deal of time helping us bands to break in europe as well as european bands to break in the us. the key word is localisation ! -80 % of brazilian people has african roots -if you want to promote hip american new bands over there , you should be aware that you will target the so called brazilian 1 % ... -Brazil is one of the most prolific and creative place in the world right now. There is new music genres poping up every year ... and new bands are hitting tens of millions views on youtube. it is a huge local market. - and if you ever want to devellop a new market, might be better to be sure that ur music fits the local(s) culture(s) first and if so, teaming up with locals artists is a good first step.
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another music stream twitter integration :
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Dec 9, 2010