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Apr 23, 2013
I didn't indicate it is a BC only problem. I said Ms Morton only seems to be concerned about BC and not her homeland the USA. She up until recently regularly praised the Alaska state commercial salmon fishery till three BC NGO's raised the question of the harm Alaska's hatchery fisheries are doing to wild stocks. She has been linked to groups who regularly slag BC aquaculture in Alaska. Funny thing is those Alaska hatcheries hold their "wild" salmon in the same farm pens BC aquaculture uses for one year and feed the same feed. Funny she's never had a problem with that has she ? There is in fact an aquaculture department in the Alaska state government.
And the only reason they might not be effective is because Ms Morton, Anissaa Reed and one other party took it upon themselves to deliberately ignore bio security measures during the IHN outbreak. Ms Morton calls herself a scientist yet no professional would deliberately violate bio security measures and a quarantine put in place by CFIA a world recognized authority. Yet they did why ? It could be interpreted as a deliberate attempt to actually spread the disease farm to farm.
No more a rant than this blog. Ms Morton claims one of the companies has ISA and insinuates it is Marine Harvest. Funny thing about ISA though it KILLS Atlantic salmon. So how does Ms Morton explain that MHI doesn't have massive fish die offs in its pens ? She cannot because her claims are false. How does an activist use salmon steaks as depicted in the picture above to test for disease ? You don't. Disease is tested for in internal organs and the gills both missing in grocery store salmon. Further to that there is cross contamination in a grocery store scenario with various species being packaged in the same workspace. There is no proof of where a particular package of salmon originated or if it even came from Canada. As for my rant as you call it check out the BC registrar of biologists webpage and read the code of conduct. Ms Morton violates it regularly and as for name calling just read the Salmon are Sacred FB page and see the name calling from a site of which Morton is one of the two administrators. Ms Morton is nothing more than a sensationalistic fear monger. Follow her if you must but I follow real science and that is a scenario Ms Morton is severely lacking in. Why is it it is only the West coast of Canada Ms Morton is so determined to remove salmon farming from ? Because of the threat to Alaska Commercial fishermen ? A threat that doesn't even exist to begin with but exists only in Alaska commercial fishermen's minds. I find it strange Ms Morton isn't concerned about salmon farming in her homeland the USA. Why ?? She retains US citizenship but never comments on the failure of US runs of wild salmon to materialize such is now happening in Alaska with some chinook (king) runs. Why ?
Really Ms Morton, your claims are becoming more outlandish by the week. Strict bio security measures are always in effect at the farms. As for your comments about disinfecting of boats the boats are constantly disinfected between fish moves and between farm sites. Your suggestion that Marine Harvest has ISA is really just proof of your sorry ability as a scientist. You have no ability because your sole function is to spread lies and false statements regarding farmed salmon. You are a disgrace to the other biologists registered in BC. Your constant name calling and character assassination on your blog of other more qualified biologists and even PhDs is a breach of the BC registrar of professional biologist code of ethics. You are becoming more and more desperate by the day. Your loosing ground rapidly and it shows. Anyone with any common sense knows that if the diseases you claim are present actually were they would be listed on both CFIA and OIE websites. Funny how you claim they were confirmed but the same labs you claim confirmed them don't show any such confirmation. Aquaculture is growing worldwide and you a fighting a battle you will not win.
Do you really expect a multi billion dollar company like Cost-co to be worried by your silly petition ? There is no confirmation by any agency regarding the diseases you claim you received confirmation for. The OIE lab has published statements online your reports are untrue as well as CFIA a world recognized health organization also shows no confirmation as you claim. Why are you lying ? Do your US foundations pay you that well that you make a mockery of world health organizations ? Shame on you and how dare you call yourself a Canadian while you mock our government agencies. Shame, shame, shame.
Toggle Commented Jun 10, 2012 on|Free Online Petitions at alexandra morton
Just curious Alex, do you condone your followers calling women a c**t because that is what a couple are calling Annie Paddle in a public forum. I would like to think as a woman you have a little more class than that. That type of behaviour is going a little too far.
I'm still waiting for you to post the legal permits that you would have to have for taking samples. I assume your not posting them as proof you have a right to take samples because you don't actually have any permits? I also think if your going to ask for money it might be a good idea to post an accurate list of exactly how much money you receive and how it is spent.
Why do you feel Mainstream has put you in a dangerous place ? Because the employees are weary of your campaign against their industry ? By the way Hereditary Chief Harold Sewid has every right to speak about his territory the Broughton. You know the territory you claim to protect ? His people, my people by marriage have resided there for over ten thousand years. Who are you to claim to speak for them ?
Toggle Commented May 29, 2012 on Look Them in the EYE at alexandra morton
Gee Alex , your little buddy Staniford is having quite a fit over a lousey 76 signatures on Annie Paddle's petition. Tell me why is it you activists think you are the only ones that have a right to speak ? Why do you have a problem with a handful of signatures on a petition asking that you be restrained from violating bio security measures again ? Simply an honest request to prevent you from spreading IHN further. You claim to be a scientist now claiming to be a disease researcher in the Seattle Times. Then practice science and behave responsibly . I know you hate salmon farms as do your supporters but guess what ? It's a democracy and others have rights too. Not everyone supports you and most of your endeavors are harmful economically to many other than just fish farmers.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2012 on Look Them in the EYE at alexandra morton
Apparently the farm has actually tested negative as of Friday May 25.
Bio security is always in effect on the farms and transport vessels. When disease outbreaks occur that security level is heightened further. But anti farm supporters prefer to claim enforcing those measures shows a lack of transparency. Just a stupid circle jerk argument . As for Morton claiming you cannot prevent people from using the ocean the argument is totally irrelevent to the issue at hand. And yes you can to prevent the spread of disease. Rudd's claim he was told by a biologist disease cannot be spread by the hull of a vessel is false. Transport vessels disinfect their hulls constantly.
The CFIA have broad and sweeping powers for disease containment (as they should). Do you not understand it is CFIA that imposed the quarantine in the first place. proper protocol was taken by Mainstream and the appropriate agency being CFIA immediately imposed a quarantine. It was posted on Mainstream's website on May 17 for all to see as well as being on the news. It was CFIA and the RCMP who ordered Morton away from a site that was involved in dealing with the fish. By your own admission CFIA has sweeping powers as they should yet people on this blog post silly comments Morton included about how can you quarantine the ocean and what right do they have. Just damn silly and not in the interest of stopping the spread of disease. CFIA imposed the quarantine and EVERYONE must respect it Morton included. As for your comment about Americans really ?? They don't trust officials ? Just look at weapons of mass destruction and the unnecessary decimation of a foreign country based on a lie and you have proof that isn't true.
Perhaps you should ask your local news that question. It has been on CTV several times and Chek too. What you expect them to call you personally and tell you ? Good grief your posting on a blog that has a piece on anything that happens and you cannot take the trouble to verify what Alex Morton tells you by doing a little of your own research. And don't shout at me thank you. As for your rant it's a little silly and exaggerated thanks. Mainstream isn't doing anything your accusing them of. They are trying to keep the public informed and I personally feel they have been most forthcoming with news as it happens.The problem is you and people like you don't believe anyone but Alex Morton even though she has no direct line to what's happening.
The information is available in a fact sheet on Mainstream's website. As for lack of information don't know where you've been because Mainstream announced this the day they found it. They announced bio security measures in place and quarantine the same day. It has been on their website daily and all over Twitter and in local Vancouver Island newspapers. Far from a lack of information. Perhaps if people listened less to Alex and did more of their own research they would find the facts they seek.
There was ample notice about quarantine and bio security levels in the news and on Mainstream's website.Obviously the word was out there or Ms Morton wouldn't have been aware that the disease was even confirmed or present. The company has been transparent and all the steps necessary are being taken. Your musing on the legality of a quarantine is amusing because on one hand you demand transparency and disease control and on the other when industry and the legal agencies in place to handle disease outbreaks take necessary steps to contain said disease you question the authority. Why ? As for the preamble about whether anyone has the right to quarantine a site on the ocean really ?? Isn't the containment of disease the ultimate quest here and not some silly pondering about if it's allowed etc. The farm as an entity I assume is private property thus they have the right to limit the admission of unwanted "guests" especially when a serious disease outbreak is present. Why can't you people just let the real scientists do their jobs and stop insinuating there is more to it and only Alex is capable of getting to the bottom of it. Only Alex is capable of exaggerating an already bad situation is more like it. Further to that I don't see any one on here insulting you for using a false name but I use a name and it's a different story . I read on your Typepad blog that you use a false name to avoid harassment. Isn't that true of many bloggers myself perhaps included ?
I guess Alex the bill is intended to prevent zealots like you from posting false confirmed disease reports as you have done recently. Lies benefit no one and particularly not wild salmon.
You are well aware that there would be bio security measures in place yet you deliberately showed up uninvited and unannounced. You continue to claim wild salmon are at risk while deliberately hiding the fact the disease originates in wild salmon. The industry is doing everything possible to contain the disease. The appropriate agencies are doing the testing. Stop interfering and let them do their work unobstructed. I watch the news too you know and I've seen the reports about you violating security as well as the piece last night about you being warned by CFIA and the RCMP. By the way you have disregarded my request if you have necessary sampling permits and you still have failed to post them > Let's see them please. If you don't post them here it will be proof they don't exist.
If I am a coward by using my real name then perhaps Don Staniford should stop hiding behind Helmsdale
Well all you Morton supporters can slag me all you want it doesn't change the fact Morton deliberately violated bio security measures risking spreading the disease further. It's time you all got it into your heads IHN isn't called sockeye disease for no reason. It is a naturally occurring disease in wild pacific stocks whether you people like it or not. Even the state of Alaska has had whole hatchery productions destroyed before the fish could be released because of IHN outbreaks. The only fish that are going to suffer here are Atlantics and the irresponsible behaviour of Morton, Annissa Reed and Warren Rudd is a disgrace. If Morton wants to claim she is a scientist perhaps she best behave like one . No reputable scientist would dare breach a bio security measure end of story. It is obvious by her breach her intent is to spread the disease. And that is despicable . If your so convinced it harms wild salmon too then ask her why she put them at further risk ??
Hmmm Ms Morton. Bit of a joke you questioning bio security while you are deliberately butting your nose into security measures that have been taken by showing up in a quarantined area uninvited. As for your TV spot just exactly who are you that you think you have a right to demand samples to test when that testing is being done by the OIE lab and CIFA already. You are no one of any importance nor are you even qualified to take samples or do testing. Has the government given you permits to be taking the samples you have been taking ? Let's see them posted. As for calling yourself a scientist or biologist that is a joke because NO reputable scientist would violate bio security measures for disease just to get her face in the news again.
Helmsdale : The OIE lab site lists NO confirmed ISA for Canada in 2011. Perhaps the lab knows more than you and Morton since this is in fact the lab that does the testing and also did Morton's tests. Perhaps you heard what you wanted to hear at the Cohen Enquiry and not what was actually said. There is NO ISA in BC salmon
Ms Morton perhaps there are no cases of ISA in BC listed on the OIE site because there are none. Perhaps it is time you accepted that fact and stopped making a fool of yourself by endless claims of you having found yet another area with ISA. Dr. Kibenge states on the Atlantic Veterinary University website what the tests involve and the fact some ISA sequence is discovered doesn't prove there is ISA . Perhaps you best pay more attention to facts and less attention to your personal bias. Bad science is just that . bad science and you continue to demonstrate that repeatedly.
Ms Morton, This is not the first time you have started this licensing nonsense. The Orca Chief is not a licensed DFO packer and as such it is not required to display a CFV number. Every load of fish these vessels transport requires an individual permit. Perhaps before you run off your mouth anymore you should get your facts straight. Insinuating falsehoods to an unknowing public serves no purpose other than to demonstrate claims made by you can be false and unreliable at the least.