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James Olson
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Over a twenty year period Rev. Wright preached approximately three million words. as an expert on the reverend can you recite any other phrases?
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Not all of them, Peggy
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Outstanding Chrisbrianclark,Your education shines through, and I now have a new source of reliable information. Thank you!
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David, I monitor more than four dozen sources of news and information, and your talking points match only one of them. that source is the only one that i do not consider reliable, but nevertheless monitor because so many otherwise sensible people do.
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Get help, right away David.
Ah, actually there have been more terrorist attacks by radical right wing whackos like your self.
The owner of this blog and it's Acolites like you bear direct responsibility for the attack in Norway. every sane American knows this.
Ugly and vile. Get the fug out of my country, and take your industrial strength stupid with you.
George, your assertion that the left believes that we can continue on as before using renewables in place of fossil fuels does not square with my own experience.Virtually all on the left that I am personally aware of accept that the party is over with or without renewables. In fact most myself included have known this for at least forty years and have altered our consumption patterns to reflect that knowledge. I had a vasectomy in 1969 the same year we hit peak oil and landed on the moon.During the televised moon landing I told my nephews and nieces that they were witnessing the high point of American civilization and it was all downhill from there.
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Jul 14, 2011