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Omi Tang
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Things that I still think that would be amazing if happened for a play off run that I think is only a 2% chance of happening aka very UNLIKELY to happen but isn't completely crazy. A) Ed Wade decides to give Oswalt to Philadelphia for some middling prospects. And for those of you who say this is crazy, we just need a slight bump in payroll. We have the Moyer contract coming off the books this year to accommodate Oswalt's contract, we are a contender this year and next plus Ed Wade's trade history is awful/ good for us now. B) The Mariners are out of contention and they want prospects for Cliff Lee. Since they already know about Aumont and Ramirez and Gillies, they end up taking two of them back for Cliff Lee. In effect, the Phils would have gotten a free minor leaguer for a half a season rental. Both of these scenarios are VERY unlikely.... But a guy can dream...
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Honestly these injuries aren't that bad. It was about time the injury bug hit us, and I would MUCH rather have half the team on the DL now than in August and September.
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Apr 22, 2010