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Melanie Boyd
Santa Cruz, California, 95062, USA
Omni creates high quality cannabis infused elixirs and salves. We handcraft each product using locally grown pesticide free cannabis and organic, all natural ingredients. Each batch is tested for purity and potency. We infused organic extra virgin olive oil and also have a cbd elixir in mct oil. Omni means of all things and Omni knows that cannabis is one of the most versatile plant medicines. With over 50,000 commercial uses and it’s history dating back across the planet for ages, Omni is ecstatic that it’s finally legal in California and being recognized for its medicinal qualities throughout the world. We value healthy living, using cannabis consciously, travel, yoga, music, healthy food, consciousness, healing, plant medicine, herbal remedies.
Interests: Love Is The Message, The Message Is Love, Start Low Go Slow, Elevate Consciously, cannabis community, From Seed To Soil To Oil, Omni Sun, Omni Calm, Omni Moon, Omni Summer, herbal remedies, plant medicine, Infinite Healining, know your medicine, know your farmer, higher consciousness, Made In Santa Cruz, indica, sativa, cbda, We Test We Dont Guess, cannabis culture, blue belly farms, santa cruz, one love, green trade, omnify
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Oct 30, 2017