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Mr. Daniels, barring Liz's objections, I hope you keep ranting here so the world can see what a disjointed weirdo just caused a good man to fall off the Internet.
"public officials, taking their earnings from the public, are beholden to the public, whereas private enterprises enjoy less public scrutiny." Oh, thanks to the Internet, we can fix that. :-)
"Rene earns a paycheck from the tax payers. do you see the difference?" Until this week, Mr. Najera was going above and beyond, serving the public by putting valuable information online in terms laymen can understand. This included information on the dangers of falling for the sales pitches of certain vitamin supplement hawking fraudsters. That is the very reason why we have public health departments and staff them with the likes of Mr. Najera: so they can serve the public as best they can, without accounting for every penny their actions take or bring in.
Gopal could prove those assertions of civilizational superiority to be the shams they must be, simply by going to live in Southern Afghanistan. But then she'd be curring off her nose to spite her face.
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Jun 7, 2010