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I felt exactly the same about Uggs but slowly, over a couple of years, I must have seen so many pairs that I became immune to their ugliness ... and so I bought my first pair and I've never looked back! My friend describes it best when she says 'They're like slipping your feet into warm fluffy clouds' :D You both have to review whichever pair of boots you end up with please!
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Nov 16, 2010
Would you believe that this morning I discovered that some Waitroses stock tinned pumpkin puree in Autumn and on the back of that I decided that I wanted to make a pumpkin pie (Which I've tried once and loved!)?? And then you post a pumpkin pie recipe - surely it's obvious God wants me to eat pumpkin pie right?! I'll let you know how the recipe goes when I try it! I love the sound of the gingernut and pecan layer! Did the kids dress up for Halloween? If they did, please put some photos on FB. I've been laptop-less for a month but just had my macbook (my first mac) delivered today; yay! I can write again!
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Like you, I love reading. I also joined a book club to expand my reading horizons and read books I wouldn't normally read. Yours sounds like a wonderful group of women and I love your idea to add poetry to the mix as well as this poem. I know who Maya Angelou is but I've never read any of her poems so thanks for the introduction ;p This one is brilliant! Any other recommendations from your book club list? You've recommended Alone in Berlin in addition to The Help, which I absolutely LOVED and I've recommended to everyone I know. I made my mum read it and she actually buys copies and gives them to people!
Do you know one dish I can't quite master is jollof rice??? I'm going to give your version a try and let you know how I get on. Hopefully it's 'the one' that works for me! Lovely photos and looks like a great recipe - you've got me craving jollof rice and dodo now :D
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2010 on Jollof Rice and all things nice at Omonelove blog
Welcome to blogging Omone! This is great because you speak as true food lover which is exactly the kind of person that other food lovers like to hear from! I also love Nigella but I don't have her book 'Feast' - I've added it to my Amazon wishlist now as that Malteser cake looks incredible! My most recent blog post is also Nigella's banana bread - the best recipe I've found for banana bread. Going to read more now and looking forward to more from you :D
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2010 on For the Love of Nigella at Omonelove blog
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Oct 12, 2010