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I found these instructions on how your fans can reset their privacy stuff to allow them to post pictures on your page.. I just copied it from a forum and reposted it onto my page as a status update. My fans gave good feedback, so I guess it works.. Good luck! -kimberly *In the main menu at the top right, mouseover SETTINGS and select PRIVACY SETTINGS. *In the menu that appears, select PROFILE. *In the text that appears under the tabs, "ontrol who can see your profile and related information. Visit the Applications page in order to change settings for applications," click the APPLICATIONS PAGE link. *If PHOTOS does not appear in the list, click on the tabs above the list (BOOKMARKS, ADDED TO PROFILE, AUTHORIZED, etc...) *Click EDIT to the right of Photos. (If you couldn't find Photos given the instruction above, you don't have Photos bookmarked. To remedy this, go to "Seach for More Applications," type "Photos," select the application created by Facebook, and mouseover Settings. There should be an option for Photo Settings in the drop-down. Click that and proceed with instructions below.) *Select the BOOKMARKS tab, and make sure that the box is checked. *Select the PROFILE tab and under PRIVACY, select MY NETWORKS AND FRIENDS
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I noticed a big decrease in activity recently, and we have over 11,000 fans on our page. I randomly checked the "hidden posts" tab under my wall tab (which I had at least never noticed before if it was there), and wah-lah! There are hundreds of posts that have been weirdly automatically marked as spam and hidden by FB!!!! I had to manually "unhide" each post, most of which were way backdated by then. They were all regular fan love posts, not spam. Also, the decrease in fan picture postings is due to FB changing the privacy settings. Now, your fans need to switch their photo privacy settings around in a certain way to be able to tag and post their photos on your wall to be visible to the public - and you! I found some instructions and posted them on our wall. Craziness... But yeah, we have well over 1,000 fans and have also been affected, so it's not just smaller pages. Here's ours. Say hi!
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Nov 1, 2011