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Did the "Grandparents" ever receive a gift from their adult child or the grandchildren on a birthday or holiday? Did the "Grandparents" ever have a wonderful memorable life experience that they treasure and cherish? The adult must take the role because if you are told to do something like send a note then the meaning of the note is lost. In fact it can be upsetting for both child and grandparent if they were commanded to send a note. Much like when wrong minded parents demand things like "say you are sorry". An insincere apology is more upsetting than no apology at all at least no apology is honest when they don't feel sorry. We should not diminish and pollute the importance of genuine sorrow or genuine gratitude. The Grandparents should send the first thank you notes and see who feels moved by them and decides to express their gratitude the same way. Jumping down from me soap box. Just my opinion.. L'Chaim!
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Jun 25, 2019