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First, where in Canada is this garbage religious rituals going on please. Where the H_ll is PETA
Gag me with a spoon, how phony was this man. I hope and pray all could see the crocodile tears, NOT, no doubt too many Dimmhis saw what he wanted. Sad, Oh so sad. Hopefully the truth will prevail.
Paladion, if there is a conspiracy going on, I can't see North America coming out the winner.Are you referring to the One World Order? I personally don't want to even think of that. I agree we must wake up and NOW. or we will wind up like Europe. Mac-101 you are so correct We have been for years ironically the financial stats are there to prove this fact, and our Countries back-bone (Average working People) feel helpless to stop it. If only mainstream media would tell the news as it really is. AHHH where have the honest people who can actually make a difference gone????? I don't think Canadians & Americans are genetically inclined to rip/roar/and storm through the streets screaming for sanity to be brought back to Gov't and Media. Perhaps that will change sooner than later. The Unions are really screaming loud now for there rights and what happens they pass a vote right under the noses of the people, this is what we have to deal with.
Sad Very Very Sad. Canada- USA same pathetic pandering to these freaks... when will we FREE LOVING people stand up and fight back!!!! I was a teenager when I fought the banks to hire black people, where the hell are todays rebels -It really works. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Fact not Fiction. I must confess I'm scared for my Grand-Children, I pray every night we will be able to reverse the apocoliptic times as well as Biblical verses seeing this happening today. Keep fighting Geller & Spenser, I Love your honesty and continuous fight for our freedom!!!
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Jan 15, 2011