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Gabriel lived near Solsbury Hill and it became a "beacon of hope" for life away from Genesis. Hence the lines about "which connection I should cut" and " I walked right out of the machinery". He walked into family life for quite a few years to grow cabbages. A great quote from that time was: "By letting go, you create the space for something new to happen" - sounds like Ephesians 4: 22 fff
Amazing parallels. Amazing grace. It's illogical. It doesn't add up. It doesn't seem fair. But thank goodness it is what it is. Lord, if you count our transgressions, who would stand? Thanks to your grace we are saved by the blood of the lamb.
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Wholehearted agreement on the Rush movie. If you liked that you should check out the Classic Albums DVD for 2112 and Moving Pictures - more of the same.
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Met friends in town recently. When I asked their young son where they were headed he said : The Death Star. Parents then explained that this was his name for the roof of Victoria Square !
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Stott's looking eerily like JP2 these days. I think he's ideal.
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Pretentious and self indulgent.... it isn't Looking forward to it.
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