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Interests: collecting, planning, photography, scrapbooking, teaching, creating, organizing, raising two amazing boys with my forever friend/husband!
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Mar 15, 2010
janna, so excited for the shop!love the bag peek! colors are a toss up.. orange or a deep purple:) thanks for the chance
I LOVE this post.. I love this set! I recently bought my first notepad from Mish and I love it. I have been thinking of ideas to make with the little half pads and now here it is! I think this set is my all time favoite and of course papertrey made super cute notepads too! Thank you for the group posts with these.. I am spinning with ideas and can't wait for the release!! I need to make my first notepad that is a papertrey one.. full of all the sets and inks,etc I own and the wish list for all that I hope to add to the collection! :)
Toggle Commented Oct 13, 2009 on Introducing Take Note at {capture the moment}
I love each and every's seriously the first thing I check when i get up if i didn't already stay up too late to peek at night:) I think my favorite this month was all the card ideas for quick and inexpensive ideas that you can MASS produce! I love that you showed how to dress up the envelope too! thank you for all the inspiration and the chance:)
This is so cute!! maybe you can do a mini workshop for an additional fee like the photography class and squeeze it in at Inspiration Unlimited?? I would love to learn:)
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2009 on "For the LOVE of Pete" at Homegrown Hospitality
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choosing the perfect costume and trying to find all the little accessories that added detail to make it amazing.. sorta like my creative projects today:) I look forward to release night with such anticipation- thank you for the chance!
Such a cute set! I love to give the children on our block that we know so well a little something special when they come trick or treating and so I usually decorate candy bar wrappers for a personal touch.. this set would be so perfect. Thanks for the inspiration & chance:)
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2009 on Introducing Boo to You at {capture the moment}
wow!! I wasn't able to attend but this makes up for disappointment,, it looks amazing and now reflecting, you must be so proud! So glad it was a success.. I love everything Papertrey:) You and your team leave me inspired month after month! thank you for the detailed recap!:)
If you had asked me last week.. I would have said Jillibean soup without even skippin' a beat but I LOVE Tim's film strip ribbon... haven't even seen this til now but I have to have it and many yards of it? maybe a huge spool??LOL! Thanks for the chance!:)
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just want to say that your work is really inspiring. I see it everywhere it seems.. love what you did for jillibean soup and really love how you stretched this kit. thanks for the chance:)
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2009 on green tangerines kit club at ... just Laura
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can you hear my squeels?? I LOVE every peek and this is another must have!The birds are so cute!!Your lines have me so excited:)
love it Teresa!! I have all your lines and I think my favorite part is that you make it easy to use on layouts, to make cards, and to make mini books. Will you be adding the bracket diecuts in the future for your lines? i love the charms and stamps in your newer lines. I have two boys that play three sports year round and this line is going to be perfect to document all of it! I was hoping it was sports related when you mentioned awhile back that it hit you as you were laying in bed. :) You taught me how to use my zutter at a class last summer at windy city and now I make tons of mini books with all your products.. I left your class so inspired:) I look forward to hanging out with you in september at inspiration unlimited and hopefully using these new goodies! Thank you for the peek!!Have a great one:)
Toggle Commented Jul 17, 2009 on CHA SUMMER- here you go! at TERESA COLLINS
wow, where to start? this month was over the top!I lolve the new stamps, especially the button bits and the couch favorite part of every release is viewing the samples.. I love all your work and you have a great team!I look forward to checking Lauren's blog always because she amazes me with what she does with the templates AND the stamps!I love it all:)
The more I see with this set, I am so excited about the possiblities! I love that you can add patterned paper to really make the shy's the limit! The sentiments that have been featured though are really sealing the deal.. perfect,so papertrey perfect:)
this is going to be a favorite! What a great idea.. I love the cherries and I think everything holiday, festive will be so cute.. pumpkins, snowmen, ornaments.. I know there will be add ons to come:) Thanks for the chance to win but if I'm not a lucky girl today, I will be back to grab this for sure!
again.. another set I think I just won't need this month but then the samples do it to me every time:) I love the first sample with the 3d flower and I have to try my text stamp for backgrounds like you did on the leaf. Also the rich colors with the vintage cream stamp on them is so striking. love all the inspiration and thanks for the chance!:)
Toggle Commented Jul 11, 2009 on Introducing In Bloom at {capture the moment}
My grandparents asking do you eat to live or live to eat! I still wonder?:)lol! Thanks for the chance
I would be happy to take any of your creative goodies off your hands;) Thanks for the chance and I have to say I am so 'inspired' by you and your weight loss goal. I need to lose 40 pounds to get to where I should be.. to feel good and I am so close to jumping on the nutri-system train and trying it out- the running, no probably never gonna be a runner! You look amazing. Keep it up!!
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2008 on purge!! at simply me
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What ever will be next?? so excited to have you selling products!!! Would love to win the rubbah:) have a wonderful trip and way to go with size *EIGHT* .. don't disappear on! thanks for the chance to win!
Toggle Commented May 22, 2008 on 9 minutes later... at simply me
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I have to say that I love so many but noteworthy is my new fav because of all the journal books you offered.. these are so cute on any layout. I am addicted to these!! Haven't seen the animal cracker line yet but I hope to use it soon. We are trying so hard for baby number three. Praying this month is "the one" and I would love to get my hands on all your inspiration in this book! :) Thank you for the great ideas and offering giveaways.. we all love that;)
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I think it's great that you have lost six pounds in only ten days. That is inspiring. I started back to weight watchers on 1/7. Too picky of an eater to do the nutrisystem but glad it is working for you. keep up the great work! I love the page protector idea as I am documenting this year.. may have to jump on those:) thank you for sharing the flip with us, I hadn't see it before and I want that new toy!
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2008 on gettin' it done! at simply me
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I am so truly inspired by you! I own a few of these bird albums and haven't done anything w/ them.. was thinking of using felt but I LOVE what you created and the title, etc! It has me digging up all my birdie goodies to use for embellishing one of my own. Thank you for posting so many photos.. it's the worst when you see something and wish you could peek inside! Sarah:)
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2007 on fly... at simply me
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