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Not having a game-theoretic model doesn't mean there is nothing to learn form understanding that software development can be seen to operate in a similar space as an expedition to the south pole, or an n-pitch rock climb, or putting on a theater piece, or putting out a newspaper. On the contrary, thanks for your share ,, and got useful information from your post.I have seen project managers' and executives' eyes open quite a bit when they reconsider their software development project as a series of moves and strategies in a rather open-ended game.
My Father used to describe management as "managing people". The "Tell everone to get their asses to level 5 and be done with it," model is rigid and unforgiving and will lead to poor morale. You may as well carry around a whip.thanks for your share ,,and got useful information from your post. My Father also liked to say that "people are often promoted to their highest level of incompetency." It takes maturity and a great deal of experience with people to manage successfully. Respecting unique differences while managing resources is a talent, not a skill.
still remember that I seem Avtar movie after my finam examination and there still only me in the dormitry as all my roomater went home,and in that evening I could not fall amazing and shoes online
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when refer to the Dual or Quad Core,I really not know much about them ,and now I have a lot from this article,thank you so much.
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2010 on Choosing Dual or Quad Core at Coding Horror
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Jul 27, 2010