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I like to dance.
Interests: The Beatles, Brave New World, being sarcastic, not being a hipster ever.
Recent Activity This is just a rough sketch, I didn't do it on Photoshop or anything, but I think it's simple and cute. The shirt would obviously be a v-neck or a cute Jersey tank, but it reminds me of you. You're the Queen of being photographed and always come out looking great, but I also think you'd be amazing behind the camera! You have a good eye for design and what looks good. This is a shirt I could see Jennifer wearing ;) Haha. Anyway, note the PH's are both bolded. On the back of the shirt, in between the shoulder blades, could be a little PH crown and your signature. I think that would be adorable.
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Feb 23, 2010
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Feb 23, 2010