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New York
In college studying film. On SBI studying football. Eat, sleep, repeat.
Interests: Radiohead, anything by Kurt Vonnegut, all kinds of films, salt n vinegar chips, NYRB, Arsenal, Gamba Osaka
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I think i can agree that USA and Japan are about equal when it comes to individual players. Japan maybe slightly better. But as a team their chemistry is so good I would probably put them in the top ten at the moment. Also, Miyaichi who is only 19 is still developing and has yet to start for his NT. There's no shame in being on loan for development. Especially if you're young and starting every game.
Loved how he was constantly shouting out of the back to his teammates.
American fans just need to stop being fickle little bitches and support their team through thick and thin.
come on, dude, really?
or, we lost it and Japan won it...
I didn't vote because I think there needs to be an option that says "Yes, but he's been great in his tenure." I also don't think we should fire him and go with any old MLS coach. I think going with an ex-MLS coach would be a giant step backwards. I feel that growth can only come now from someone who has worked outside of our rigid system. We need a good foreign coach that's proved his worth and can understand the American game. Jurgen would have been great... but I think we missed our chance with him.
Japan also got 9th place in the wc + won their region's cup this year and are off to confed cup. Their region is at least equal to ours so... Sounds about right.
Henry and Moffit were just trying to intimidate each other. I see nothing wrong with that. Moffit Initially thought he was going to be the sole booking. I think even he was surprised when the red came out for Henry.
Agree on all counts, although I do enjoy having a coach who isn't afraid to speak his mind to the media. It's definitely a European thing, for sure.
Well can you blame us? We did destroy our arch rival in their own home. I'm glad we're vocal about it.
ehhem... sounds like you're describing Henry if you ask me.
rafa has stated before that he prefers CB :)
Daniel Male, 26 New York, New York RBNY, Arsenal, USA, Japan 2008
Yeah, that's clear enough for me. Likewise buddy.
Dempsey dogs it... I'm unfamiliar with this term, just use english you know. It's easier... Here's what I'm claiming; Dempsey will be deservedly in a starting role right up to Brazil 2014.
sorry, what am I claiming? Please be more specific.
No, you're totally right about that Dempsey... but even then, he's still one of our best players. If he's available, you play him. He gets results.
"Altidore is criticized almost EVERY game for his lack of effort..." By whom? A small group of fickle supporters? Because it definitely isn't Ives. The general consensus is that he's the best striker we've got right now. The dude is young. Even Holden needed time to develop into this beast that he is now and he's got 4+ years on Jozy. BTW, who are the rest of these US nat team players that aren't giving it their all, if you're not just referring to Jozy?? I hope you're not talking about M Bradley or Dempsey cuz come on now.
Sleep when you're dead! Landon to Everton!
Oh... this isn't good...
Toggle Commented Dec 2, 2010 on Russia to host 2018 World Cup at Soccer By Ives
Yeah Ream!
Seems like you're turning into a bit of a troll doesn't it, Todd?
Toggle Commented Oct 28, 2010 on Americans Abroad: Midweek Rewind at Soccer By Ives
I may be biased, but I really think in two years time, you guys are going to eat your words.