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"My only concern is it appears no manual transmission will be offered with the V6. Please let their be a manual with the V6 4x4 option. Then you have a perfect truck." Posted by: DB | Dec 26, 2013 12:07:56 PM ------------------------------------------------------------------- Very much agree. Will probably hold onto an aging Dak V8 4x4 5-spd in defiance of good sense in hopes a domestic midsize will offer a 300 hp 4x4 manual. If Chevy/GMC fail that test and RAM/Ford stick with their 2-truck doctrine, I'll be reluctantly looking harder at the taco.
If assistance is desired, give us a way to vote posts up, vote posts down and report spam/abuse. Some people are stuck on trash talk. A way to hide posts from certain posters could also give some quantifiable board management feedback as well as make the board immediately more usable for the folks who prefer to not be bothered. Perhaps when the trolls stop getting fed, they'll go find another bridge to lurk under.
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The composite bed in the Taco along with the mid-gate in the Avalanche definitely belong on this list. The equipment rack in the Ford tailgate makes it possible to ignore the lameness of the step. Looks like the roof is ready to accept a ladder w/o additional cab rackage? Nice! How about Top-10 MISSING features? I'd start with robust manual transmission options. Availability of a hose-out rubber floor at all trim levels. The center forward anchor point for winching large loads into the bed. Ramps integrated into the tailgate or below the bed for ATVs, mowers, various wheeled equipment. Diesel! Diesel mated with standard trans.
I thought 2012 was it for the Avy? Doesn't calling 2013 The End represent an extension of sorts? Must have missed a memo...
Shift buttons on the wheel are ok. Better than buttons on the on-the-column shifter. But not as ergonomically effective as slap left/right on the console shifter. And not as useful as paddles behind the steering wheel. I like the space saving feature of the knob selector. But also require a shift mechanism that feels right. Even if it just toggles a switch. Yes, my truck IS my sports car, thank you very much. And my workhorse, and my vacation people mover, and my grocery getter. Sad to think I'm considering discarding 4-5 mpg in favor of the console shifter.
Got some doubts about that rotary shifter ... but if they give me paddle -/+ shifters I could live with it. Want something more than a button, though. Shifting gears ought not to lose the athletic/timing element. Pressing a button on the overhead console with your pinkie don't quite do it. Yes, I know, both paddle shifters and the console left/right essentially press a button. But they're are in an ergonomically reasonable place to associate with shifting. I'm on the fence between the 1500 and the 2500. The console left/right shifter and the MDS were what had me stuck on the 1500. How, if at all, do Dodge/Ram new features tend to trickle from the 1500 to the 2500?
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Apr 4, 2012
The extend-a-bed just gets in the way when you have the gate closed. A net or a couple of straps - not so much. Ram's cargo management extended gate gets real close to useful without being in the way: it fits under the rear seat of the crewcab. The RamBox however kills your options for a camper cap or stake-hole ladder rack. The step? Really? I think if you need one of these you should directly trade to the mini-van with the wheelchair ramp.
For me the midgate would a) provide for a stealth camper, b) let me handle the infrequent large/long load, c) avoid most needs for larger truck, racks, etc., d) while still providing the dirty open back box. Granted, GMC could still hose it up - probably by making it non-cap-able, but midgate availability would definitely alter my buying algorithm. Less than 48" between the wheel wells is also a deal-killer.