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simply an avatar lover
Interests: watching movie's but my specialty is the music of the movies. i can listen to it day and nicht!!! and when i close my eyes, i play the movie in my head.try it and relax!
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Jan 10, 2010
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Dec 27, 2009
verry nice picture!!!! neytiri, the worrior prinses!
Commented Dec 27, 2009 on No title at AVATAR
i agree with tony!!! i can't talk about it with my family and friends to, they tink it's a fase or i'm becomming NUTS! it's not funny when you are exided and want to talk about it and your friends look at you as if they have seen a gost!!! it is nice to talk to you all about the movie as well as the hidden messages in it! i screem around me that we should live more like the na'vi do, but it seems like nobody listens! it is so urgently needed to start cariing for our own environment and, people, we can not run away from it! even not to pandora, our reality is here and now!! but it is such a wonderful feeling to know you CAN DREAM about that other beautyful wordl called pandora!!!
i can't hold myself enny longer!!! i have to see the movie again, so now i'm calling all my friends to comme with me!! somme of them have seen it already and they sheare my feelings about it. for others it would be a good moment to spread the message in the movie even farder. i think everyone should see the movie, maybe, they wil finaly WAKE UP and do something about our eywa!!!! for as mutch as it still exists on our plannet!!!!
man, with me it feels like an ediction to avatar! my boyfriend thinks i'm going crazy but when i saw the movie the first time i felt depressed to. looking at how the live together with the environment, the animals and their bilive in eywa, we humans can learn so mutch of them. anyway, good luck with your story!!
count me in!!! sinds this movie i'm dreaming at nicht to be one of them! i like how they live, how they look like, jesus!!! i could give up my life on earth to go and live with them! not that i don't have a family or anny friends, but they just don't understand wwhat i mean! they think i'm nuts but i realy don't care! at least you don't think i'm crazy!
wel, i live in belgium in a small town, ful of old and ritch poeple, they have no ears for the problems they have created in the past, but i'm 25 years old and i'm afraid of wat our planet wil look like in 5 years! i'm so glade that there are other people thinking like me! i try to enjoy nature as mutch as i can! a cold breeze on my face,watching a comming thunderstorm on my balkony, going for a walk in the forest, listening to the birds and the wind wispering tru the trees, i feel sommehow a bit connected to the way of life that the na'vi people have. they can live in harmony with nature and so should we! away with computers,phones, and the rest. give me the EYWA-way of life! that was what toucht me the most, not the special effects, but how they live together!
i have seen the movie the day before jesterday, it was like i fell in love again! i think about it the hole day and dream about it at nicht! realy, i'm going compleetly NUTS!!! i collected pictures on my... Continue reading
Posted Dec 26, 2009 at AVATAR
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Dec 26, 2009
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Dec 26, 2009