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It's hard to believe how uninformed so many people realy are. You should know that many politicans have done far worse yet we have been programmed to believe Blago is the biggest criminal in washington and the only one to ever do anything like this! NOBODY wants criminals in Government neither do we want "Selective Enforcement" where the cool kids get a free ride and the rest are bullied and victimized! but this is exactly what we have right now! Blago was held up and accused, tried and convicted by every facet of the media from the NEWS to talk shows and business reports for weeks, repeatedly denounced as the worst kind of criminal, while Tom Delay was mollycoddled, invited on programs as a "celebrity guest" and featured on "Dancing with the Stars" Blago was convicted of "Lying to investigators" while Delay was convicted of "money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering" the most serious charges were dropped by federal judges appointed by Tom Delay himself, they obviously should have recused themselves” but we have little or no recourse for corrupt judges and prosicuters, even when they comitt egregious acts of judicial malice! We have far worse crimes happening in our government every day, we have an international Economic Disaster, Millions loosing their jobs, Millions more being driven out of their homes, we have crimes against America, Democracy, Justice, and Humanity, Whatever Blagovitch did it has become more of a distraction from the Incompetance, Fraud, Graft, Corruption, vice, Lies, Deciption, Subversion, treason, Secret Government, Secret Prisons, assult on Civil Rights, War on Whistleblowers, Torture, unnecessary Occupations, $trillions in handouts and Corporate Welfare, subsidies, foreign Aid, 737 U.S. Military Bases & 234 military golf courses around the world paid for by YOURS AND MY TAX DOLLARS! In my mind this is not about Blago or Delay because there will always be corruption and graft in government so we must be vigilant to insure we have "quality politicians" who's goals are Freedom, Fairness, Equality, Honor, Truth, Justice, Democracy, American Soverignty, the Health & Welfare of The People, Good Citizenship and Good Governance!
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Dec 2, 2010