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I would like to offer an extra-loud "AMEN" to #4 - not only should institutions, etc. be focused on creating relevant criteria to today's job market- they should be very focused on showing their learners how to frame and communicate their skills and abilities to an outside audience. Whether this means career coaching, job advising, mentorship, or something else - it's not enough to tell a student that "now you're ready!" - you have to help them make that transition.
Ellen, thanks for the great post and for clearing up the difference between "playing games" and applying game mechanics to learning and other connection situations. I think what makes this so exciting to me is the idea that well-designed game scenarios can connect people to an ongoing, engaging process - not just an occasion. It connects well with the idea of integrating learning into the day-to-day work experiences - and also provides ongoing analytics and measurable results. Promising stuff!
Oh, goodness, I'm sorry I missed your original post!
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Jane, I'd recommend checking out this infographic on the SocialCast blog: "A new culture of collaboration in the enterprise" ( I believe one of your ITA colleagues may have linked to it originally, although I can't seem to locate the OP at this time. The infographic delineates the history of technology tools used for collaboration and outlines some key areas for improvement. Good food for thought.
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