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@Drel I don't think Callas cancelled that much (check her performance history and you will see) Somehow US biographers that are hooked on her displike of Bing and the Met will say otherwise! That mantle should be handed to Montserrat who was possibly as bad as Angela G from the mid 70s.
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2011 on Gheorghiu's Battle at Intermezzo
Joe Volpe's memoir (The Toughest Show on Earth) makes reference to Battle's dismissal in great detail. Apparently James Levine was prepared to tolerate her and tried to actively stop Volpe from firing her. It was possibly the most interesting part of his book (alongside all the complicated and fraught dealings around the redevelopment of Lincoln Center and his fights with Beverly Sills). A good read. It's a shame that it ruined Battle's career, her recording of Semele is a testament of what greatness she was once capable.
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2011 on Gheorghiu's Battle at Intermezzo
Oh Intermezzo has it come to dictionary definitions? Anyway it seems this time Lugner went all the way and brought in a call-girl. Bunga bunga indeed!
Totally agree with your review Intermezzo it was great fun and hope Luca gets booked soon for both the ROH and The Wigmore. My only slight disappointment was the advanced age of the audience. At the price (£12-£10) it would have made a low entry point and a great introduction for little ones to a song recital. But from a cursory glance I could only spot two family groups.
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2011 on Luca Pisaroni at Wigmore Hall at Intermezzo
Am I allowed to take exception to you calling Dita a stripper? Burlesque at the level she performs is far removed from it. Come on Intermezzo be fair about it. ************************************** Intermezzo replies - stripper [ˈstrɪpə]n - a performer who provides erotic entertainment by undressing to music
Intermezzo, a really thoughtful review. Written from the perspective of a true opera fan. Cilea bores me senseless so had no impetus to see La Gheorghiu. But it's a welcome relief for a MacVicar production at ROH not to have some silly, pointless nudity for the sake of it (like the universally panned Aida). Looking forward to reading more of your reviews!
It must be part of the ROH's more accessible approach? As they say: 'We want to raise the profile of opera and ballet, breakdown perceived elitist barriers and get new people into the building for the first time.' Clearly Andy keeps on returning to the House to enjoy more performances. Goal achieved ;-) To be more accessible maybe they can have performances in a yurt at the Piazza? Loving this idea!
Oh my...that must be one of the worst attempts I've seen to flog tickets. Note to the ROH, if they had stronger casts then those shows would sell out. The months ahead are full of boringly cast old productions. Looking forward to Anna Nicole, mainly because of the stellar cast. But they have to find more intelligent and cost effective way to discount tickets. Tut tut tut
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2010 on massive Royal Opera House discounts at Intermezzo
Thanks for the short review. Gens was excellent as Niobe her final monologue was heartbreaking, even managed to wake up the woman next to me that slept through most of the first two acts! Also the staging did add enough interest to take the audience into an emotional trip, in my view a very important aspect as Steffani's opera is closer to classical Greek tragedy than most Operas based on a Greek theme. Also I'm delighted that Radio 3 will broadcast it on 23 October at 6pm, a time for all readers of the blog to judge for themselves!
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Sep 23, 2010