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Read the actual original paper here:
And how Peter Achten was able to fool the media and public in to believing, as the post and so many articles stated, this was a"study by a team from the University of Edinburgh" "The authors regret that as Victor Timmers did not carry out the research under the auspices of the University of Edinburgh, nor in collaboration or consultation with any personnel at the University of Edinburgh, the affiliation of “University of Edinburgh” has now been removed from this work at the request of the Institution. In addition, subsequent to the publication of the Paper, Victor Timmers has disclosed a potential Conflict of Interest with regard to the work, namely: “non-financial support from Innas B.V, during the conduct of the study”. The authors would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused."
Bob Wilson: The study was paid for by the co-author himself, Peter Achten, an inventor and proponent of hydraulic hybrid technology which he wants to promote over electric vehicle / electric hybrid tech. The 1st listed author is a summer intern college student from Edinburgh) he hired to help withe the study. The selection of vehicles was carefully made (or excluded) to ensure it would show that EVs weigh significantly more than ICEs, such as the Honda Fit EV, which was a short run conversion car already out of production when the study was conducted. In short, not science, rather propaganda being used to defame one product (EVs) in hopes that would give an opening for another (the author's).
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Nov 13, 2017