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Can you elaborate on this response lomagirl? From my reading of the situation, Mr. Alexie made it clear that he gave deference to poets of color, so in this situation wasn't Hudson/Yi-Fen subverting Alexie's establishment of situational privilege? If so, how is that not analogous to the Georges' subversion of institutional privilege? Or, is your implication that non-POC writers are required by decorum and a sense of historical debt to take a spot further back in line, waiting to be considered until all marginalized people have been considered? If so, that is certainly ideologically consistent, but I have a hard time not seeing it as valuing politics over the aesthetic expression of ideas. I would go so far as to call that approach mildly anti-art, particularly in a craft defined by the uniqueness of the individual voice. Thanks for considering, I look forward to your thoughts!
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Sep 8, 2015