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Been things & seen places.
Interests: showgirls, sheiks, theatre, costumes, Fitzgerald, Maugham, Parker, Bowles, cooking, hiking, sleeping under the stars.
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Mar 15, 2010
Oooh thank you thank you Melanie!
Toggle Commented Dec 7, 2009 on Elves Faire with our little Elf at Tarnished Lady
Aw thanks Melanie! We are excited. You know I figured out after I made that post that the pictures were monstrously huge. I have a new digital camera and the default setting is for huge photos. I have already reset it and when I get a chance I will resize the photos on this post. Thanks for the heads up! I need all the tips I can get to keep me blogging.
Toggle Commented Dec 6, 2009 on Elves Faire with our little Elf at Tarnished Lady
This looks amazing Kime! I am sooo sooo happy for you guys. The place is dreamy. I love the tilework, how airy it looks, the fireplace, the yard!!!! I have been ill too with sounds like same thing...wah. Thrilled for you both. xo
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2009 on no place like home at The Moldy Doily
Oh my- I posted this on my Myspace blog last month as yes, Bryan, I say, "What what!!" ps- finally got to see what Jollibee was all about...I hit up the LA locale upon your recommendation...mmm...the fried chicken!
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Ok- kinda tense up in here- on a lighter note, la-la-la, Bryan, guess what we now have here in Los Angeles that I noticed as I drove to an art show earlier tonight??! JOLLIBEE!!! I swear I got so excited I started clapping. My friend had no idea what was going on, she was driving else I would have pulled over for a photo op with the cute lil bee. My friend thought the place looked cute too- its so alluring and here I just started a month long cleanse- no junk, no fast food- arghhhhh- how can I resist after all your endorsements? Ba-booooooosh!
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Awww Bryan, you and I are tooth twins right now. If you read on my blog, I have been in dental hell as well. Finally went today and found out I have to have root canal done tomorrow- yikes...send me happy thoughts of "baboosh!"...xo ps- love you and the weiner dog together- haha pps- those boots are gorgeous. ppps- I should get a sticker packet and pimp you out here in Hollywood- save me one- I am too woozy right now to do more- my codeine is kicking in (wish it were vikes tho). much luv to ya BB...babooooooooosh!
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congrats on the D-Listed Slut Of the day!!! I will vote for you at the end of the month. He shoulda used the piccie of you with the bottle of veuve...babooooosh! ps- the photoshopped arm looks like a cricket's wing ready to snap right off. YIKES.
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a sly lil fox even back then...ahahaaaa...xo
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oh yeah ps, have you tried taking CLA (Conjugated Linolic Acid) soft caps after every meal and flax seed oil too? And yes, the green tea is a good suggestion and drinking yerba mate as well.
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Aw Bryan, you look hot already I hope you know that. You are thin and I think if you were much thinner, you would look spindley/elderly. Don't overthink it gorgeous:) xo
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I think its like you say...very telling that a few readers would find it racist when you call one individual's looks to be monkey-like. Why did their mind instantly make the connection btw monkeys and african amercians?? I heard someone have a similar thing involving a painting of a stuffed sock monkey doll of all things. The gallery got a complaint saying the painting of the monkey doll was racist against blacks. wtf right?? Obviously the person who is seeing a painting of a monkey doll and thinking it has to be a slur against blacks has the issue not the artist. Also, you are not only a minority yourself but a gay minority who has clearly made fans by being irreverent and making fun of anyone and everything including don't you dare kow-tow to these ultra pc stick-up-their-ass party poops.
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Keep us posted Bryan...hope you are well.
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2006 on General Hospital at - Fashion Blog
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Oh my...someone covered Stevie Nicks' classic "Stand Back"?? wow...I had no idea. I adore her and think you should give her version a spin. *smooch*
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Hiya Bryan- Orchide here- I finally broke down and linked you to my blog. I have been following you and love hearing about Eunice- I love seeing her and hearing about your exploits...haahaa...keep up the blogs- they are like candy~ Ba-boooooosh!
Toggle Commented Apr 28, 2006 on I'm getting bored... at - Fashion Blog
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