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Organized Gang Stalking /Cyberstalking, Chennai, India. Sorry i forgot to give the link in my previous post
Organized Gang Stalking, Chennai, India, Electronic Harassment There is no need of implants or chips to track a Targeted Individual.It can be easily done by satellites. "ELF waves attack on the Temporal Lobe can give a sentinel being effect simulating an alien abduction"..Dr John Hall To see a good collection of Dr JOhn Hall interviews Please visit the Playlist section of my youtube channel 'OrganizedStalking ChennaiCity'or click on the link below
Organized Stalking / Gang Stalking in Chennai, India starts as Cyberstalking. Satellites most of this surveillance and harassments are dont through Satellites, i have had the physical symptoms even when i was driving on highways at hundred miles an hour or on flights thousands of feet above ground.........only a satellite based platform can deliver this attack. Please visit my YouTube Channel 'OrganizedStalking ChennaiCity' to see videos of my harassment and do visit the PLAYLISTS Section to see Playlist Dr John Hall's Interviews (16 interviews) Organized Stalking Chennai City
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Sep 8, 2014