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Hey guys,don`t you worry about Biya much because in my oppinion he is the immediate cause and the remote one which is us the Cameronians proper seems to outwear the latter. In some countries people appart from nursing dreams to become reach and famouse,also have dreams of archieving greatness/fame in their works.How many of such are we? IN our case,even the man on the street with no potentials,no willingness to make himselve usefull to the sosiety in any way dreams of giving himself the best ride and luxery you can immagin.HOW? i am not in support of the monster we all have in our midst in the name of our President but what i do suggest is that we start changing ourselves so that we will never have to do with another generation of irresponsible old lads who live like there will be no tomorrow.We have to do just that or risk having another BIYA CLICK or one even worse. Apparently, he is trying to do something possitive this time arround even if he is doing so for his selfish end which we all can anticipate,it is an indication that his end time is near and that he has developped some guilt. We can only hope that those he has pretended to put in prison do not come out strong enough to continue from where they stopped.I hope he lives on for a while so some order can be put in place before he rejoins Mubutu and Bongo where ever they are anxiousely waiting for his arrival. Please BIYA,DO NOT LEAVE US.I am particularly worried becuase you do no longer look like the LION PRESIDENT YOU used to be.Go out and do some sports-play succer or so.Or may be look for a chance to play in the frecnh national team.YOu are young and will never grow old .You should never die,please superman,leave for ever for no one has ever been President and will never be if you die some day. I hope the body guards will be able to shoot at the invisible man when he arrives.
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Mar 25, 2010