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Newport Beach, CA
I am a corporate lawyer in Southern California.
Interests: Golf; Reading pulp fiction; Reading fantasy and science fiction; TV; Football - USC, Cleveland Browns, Boise State; Basketball - Celtics, UConn, Duke; Baseball - Red Sox; Strategy; Finance; Constitutional Law; Politics; Computers; Computer Games
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State Dept. Investigates Hillary Aides (again and again) Continue reading
Reblogged Sep 28, 2019 at A Plague On Both Your Houses
GOP battens down the hatches after release of Trump whistleblower complaint The GOP Senators need to be a little less trusting that somehow Trump is going to act like a normal President would. They have already abdicated their power to him, now they want him to act like he cares. Guys, I hate to break it to you, he doesn't. Not about you, not about the Country and not about... Continue reading
Reblogged Sep 27, 2019 at A Plague On Both Your Houses
Donald Trump has always been a masterful politician. In fact the biggest lie he has told his supporters is “I am not a politician.” Now, don’t get me wrong. He isn’t a politician like Nancy Pelosi or Mitch McConnell. He is a corporate politician. Pelosi and McConnell, for all their faults, actually believe in something outside their own self interest. Trump believes in nothing but his own prosperity and self interest Continue reading
Posted Sep 27, 2019 at A Plague On Both Your Houses
I am not a psychologist, but in dealing with, reading about and thinking about the problems of depression that have been close to me I have come to realize that personal demons are real and personal. They have little if anything to do with the outside world or “reality” as most of us think about it. Depression is a “thing” as far as I can tell. A physical, palpable, oppressive, real thing. Holding it at bay is a constant, exhausting and sometimes overwhelming struggle. It is incredibly unkind, naive, stupid and damaging to call suicide “selfish” or “cowardly.” Continue reading
Posted Jun 8, 2018 at A Plague On Both Your Houses
On CNN a week or two ago I heard a familiar refrain from a Hillary Clinton supporter. She said in so many words, “its not our fault, we just made some tactical mistakes, Jim Comey screwed everything up, there’s a real problem with sexism and misogyny, we failed to get out some Latinos and African Americans, she won the popular vote, and yes we should look at the electoral college... Continue reading
Posted Nov 23, 2016 at A Plague On Both Your Houses
If this were any other time, any other year, the media would be singing the praises of Hillary for her debate performance last night. In terms of substance Hillary clearly won. In terms of calm, presidential appearance, Hillary clearly won. In terms of passion, Hillary at least tied. But let’s get real. There’s a reason Hillary doesn’t get respect. This is the year of the populist Continue reading
Posted Apr 15, 2016 at A Plague On Both Your Houses
Make no mistake, Bernie Sanders has a politically sound strategy. Throughout this campaign he has fostered it, refined it and implemented it to great effect. His populism does not stem from an inherent morality. He does not have an Arthurian round table of justice, honor and equality. Bernie has a plan calculated on the most basic of human calculators, pure politics. Continue reading
Posted Mar 29, 2016 at A Plague On Both Your Houses
That is the problem with Trump. That is what makes him so scary. Not that he is a lier in the usual political sense, or even a con-man. Trump should be feared because he believes in his goal, putting his stamp on the White House, to the exclusion of all else. Continue reading
Posted Mar 1, 2016 at A Plague On Both Your Houses
Apple now has an "interesting" argument that says code is free speech and therefore, under the First Amendment, the government can't compel speech, and therefore the FBI can't make Apple write the code to break into the San Bernadino phone. If this is true, then why doesn't the Government have an equally, yet simpler arguement that Apple is engaging in obstruction of justice, by its refusal to comply with a... Continue reading
Posted Feb 24, 2016 at A Plague On Both Your Houses
First let’s talk a little about warrants and searches. The Government has a right to search your home, your property or your person without your consent, as long as it has a warrant. It can also seize your property with a warrant. That’s the law. That’s what the constitution allows. That’s the extent of your privacy rights in connection with search and seizure by the Government. And if they have your permission, they don’t need a warrant. Continue reading
Posted Feb 23, 2016 at A Plague On Both Your Houses
My problem with Bernie is big government. I think people, particularly the folks that support Bernie, don't understand the consequences of Bernie's policies and ideas. Redistribution of wealth always sounds good. It sounds great on stage preaching to a bunch of young idealists to say that the billionaire class is hijacking the political process and that the American People bailed out Wall Street now its time for Wall Street to help the American people. Incidentally I don't believe the first and the second is a non-sequitur. Continue reading
Posted Feb 23, 2016 at A Plague On Both Your Houses
The #Ferguson debacle involves much more than just one issue, but it seems the media and most commentators want to focus on the “guilt” of Officer Wilson, and the “failure” of “justice” that was not applied to him. Frankly, as viscerally satisfying as that is to the anger particularly among African Americans, it does not address the real issues. Continue reading
Posted Nov 26, 2014 at A Plague On Both Your Houses
Robin Williams was a part of life for a generation. RIP In connection with Robin Williams' death many people have opened the discussion of depression and suicide, which I thought Harvey Fierstein beautifully summed up in a tweet: "Please, people, do not fuck with depression. It's merciless. All it wants is to get you in a room alone and kill you." There have been those, as there often are, who... Continue reading
Posted Aug 12, 2014 at A Plague On Both Your Houses
What people say in Washington, what they do in Washington and what they think in Washington are all different things. As I write this, it appears that the US will avoid the potential cliff of debt default and continuing government shutdown. As Winston Churchill said “We can always count on the Americans to do the right thing, after they have exhausted all the other possibilities.” I want to step back... Continue reading
Posted Oct 16, 2013 at A Plague On Both Your Houses
Looks like the State of California thinks you need a passport to move to Texas. Continue reading
Posted Feb 6, 2013 at A Plague On Both Your Houses
The first season of Newsroom is in the books. I musts say I loved it, primarily because the writers are so good. Sorkin’s rapid fire dialog and wit are really unmatched, certainly on television. That said, what you want to say to the whole thing after a while is “Aw come on.” The premise is good and straightforward - that news television, like all television, is run by a bunch... Continue reading
Posted Aug 27, 2012 at A Plague On Both Your Houses
Generally, I am not a fan of Chuck Schumer, but I must say in this case he has it exactly right. This is just another example of government gone wild, doing things that don't make sense only because they appear to be either politically correct or popular. Apple and the publishers are right to say that their deal, far from inhibiting competition, promotes it. Much as I love Amazon and... Continue reading
Reblogged Jul 19, 2012 at A Plague On Both Your Houses
Ok, gay and lesbian community, you can put away the torches and nooses, you’ve got your lynching. Dharun Ravi could go to prison for ten years. From what I have heard and seen, that is what will satisfy the blood lust of the GLTC. But is it right? No, it is not. Let’s flip it on its head. If an 18 year old, computer savvy, supremely confident, outgoing, relatively well... Continue reading
Posted Mar 19, 2012 at A Plague On Both Your Houses
Jim Harris: First, I must apologize for not getting this published sooner. Second, I must point out that I only mentioned Bush once, and in no way did I imply he was a good or even decent president (elsewhere I have explicitly said I thought his administration was corrupt to the core). I said that Obama's politicism and disingenuousness made Bush "look like a good President." That means that I believe Bush was not a good President. He certainly was not. Finally, if Obama is the saint you imply he is, why can't he just say "wipe out loopholes" or "raise taxes?" Why does he have to try and pull the wool over our eyes by calling it "tax spending reductions"? "Tax Spending Reduction" implies a reduction in the cost of government, which it clearly is not, it is an increase in revenue, it is taking more from corporations or rich people or whomever. My real problem is that I believe that language matters and using this language implies that the government has a right to our money and that by allowing us to keep it, the government is "spending" and when they take more of it they are "reducing spending." Lennin and Stalin might have thought that was a good concept. It isn't. Call it what it is.
What?! In his speech last night, the President said a couple of things that just drove me crazy. “The fourth step in our approach is to reduce spending in the tax code.” “the tax code is also loaded up with spending on things like itemized deductions.” “the Fiscal Commission’s model of reducing tax expenditures.” I hate politicians exactly because of this type of insane, dishonest and arrogant language. Has no... Continue reading
Posted Apr 14, 2011 at A Plague On Both Your Houses
I doubt I am the only one in America who is tired of political bickering. You only had to watch Anderson Cooper last night to understand why the idiots in Washington can’t get anything done. Two “pundits” from opposite sides of the aisle just couldn’t help themselves from going at it like a couple of schoolyard six year olds. And David Gergen looked like the frustrated teacher who could only... Continue reading
Posted Apr 8, 2011 at A Plague On Both Your Houses
@mindsadrift Although you are probably right in the sense that it is hard to judge without the results, my view of the "stupidity" is that Obama (and everyone in the Administration) is apparently looking at the conflict very narrowly. If Libya was isolated or an isolated "incident" would our actions be foolish? Probably not, but given the broader context of the democratic uprisings in the Middle East, in my view the "smart" thing to do is to look at it in that context. According to all the speeches and talk shows, it appears that we are taking Libya on its own and not viewing it in the broader context. That seems very foolish to me. If we had considered the broader context, we would realize that our actions and appearance in Libya has affects in the other conflicts on both the "protesters" and the rulers of the region. That is why I believe we should have acted more quickly, with more leadership and why I don't believe it smart that we relinquish the leadership role. The goal should not only be helping the protesters, but the removal of Gadhafi and, most importantly, the demonstration to the rest of the Middle East that we are in favor of the democratic movements not only with our words but with our actions.
@ChatandPonder I feel the King hearings are idiotic because they are merely a political stunt pandering to a portion of the population that wants to blame all Muslims for terrorism. They prove nothing, they tell us nothing, they provide no real information on domestic terrorism, and they taint a portion of the American population that has been fiercely loyal (most of our information about domestic terrorist has come from Muslims living here). Like McCarthy's HUAC hearings, they are unjust guilt-by-association pandering and political grandstanding. In my view that is idiotic. And yes, they also hurt the relationship the US has with foreign Muslims, and plays into the hands of those who vilify the US for prejudice against Muslims.
Ineffective, indecisive, lacking leadership, cowardly. These are words I never thought to use to describe the President of the United States. Yet they are descriptive of his failure in the Middle East and North Africa. Many people (including myself) can talk of morality and the terrible horror that Gadhafi continues to visit upon his own people. We can draw comparisons dating back almost 80 years where we have dithered while... Continue reading
Posted Mar 11, 2011 at A Plague On Both Your Houses
The measure of success of the nation in international affairs is in our ability to change with the times and by doing so protect our own interests. In this I agree with many conservatives that say we must treat differently each country in the Middle East that is exploding. On the other hand I find it highly hypocritical that conservatives supported our invasion in Iraq by resorting to the old... Continue reading
Posted Feb 23, 2011 at A Plague On Both Your Houses