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Has anyone else gone to the GPE website and checked out the Australian USD$270m. donations like I did? The Gillard Years June 2010 to June 2013.... 2010: 18.88 million 2011: 12.86 million 2012: 81.27 million 2013: 30.68 million Total: 143.69 million USD...a shortfall of 126 million USD that apparently was not declared?! Can someone please check my figures? Note that the 140 million that Abbot and Bishop gave GPE in 2014 is represented in the graph, although that doesn't mean it went where it was meant to go either. Has anyone else seen the bar graph and what do you think? Also, I found this article from a USA website:- Around $40 to 60 million of Aussie cash is missing from the Clinton Foundation’s books:- Add the alleged missing Aussie Clinton Foundation dollars to the apparent Gillard-GPE missing cash and we are up around 170 million USD unaccounted for, give or take twenty million. Why wasn't it declared by CF and GPE? How come no-one in the mainstream media has noticed the multi-million dollar mismatch between the GPE bar graph and the Gillard donations? I think that hell would freeze over before our Honorable PM or Labor leader Shorten would follow these questions up. However I believe there is a politician in the U.S. House by the name of Trey Gowdy (R-SC), a former prosecutor, that is formidable, he really terrifies liberal wrong-doers. And to turn a phrase, he is on Hillary's case. He will likely end up in President Trump's Cabinet. If he was furnished with this information, well, you never know...down the track...some justice, not for us Aussies, but maybe for U.S. taxpayers and those purported beneficiaries of the GPE that were held out as the incentive to give this cash, the uneducated poor children of the World. Someone should tell Trey Gowdy. - Oksanna Zoschenko
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Nov 13, 2016