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Maveric / subversive / disruptivator - change merchant.
Interests: subversive, disruptive thinking, deviance, devox 2 da max, anything that raptures with the status quo of bland generic americanism, creative dissapation, free your mind get out b4 it's 2 l8t.
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Hi Joeph , Thanx for this , i agree with most of what you have to say & would venture that there is a fourth solution we have not yet arrived at yet , something in between as you put it ! A symphony of mashups that seem to evolve on their own ( sorry for the waffelling - this is difficult ) we appreciate your honesty - maybe web 3 - the semantic web will have more answers when we get there ! Thanking you , leon@osmosis
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been to Uganda feel the same, down south seems to have lost it, mate. regards. leon orsmond .testing