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Great to see this kind of experimentation. I'm not sure what kind of feedback is useful on the prototype itself, but a few of points: * It's a shame that (in the web app at least) you can't just keep playing - each time you complete a puzzle you get thrown back to the initial screen meaning an extra click to 'Play the game' each time, rather than just getting another puzzle to complete * The abstract concepts are often very hard to guess from pictures * As soon as you know a category exists it becomes much easier to solve the puzzles. I suspect this is particularly true with the abstract concepts - once I know 'Tender' is a category I start looking for this in the letters available - thus in this case my ability to solve the puzzle and speed of solving the puzzle is much less strongly related to my interpretation of the pictures - for example I just had one where the category 'tender' was illustrated with four (pretty random) pictures featuring women. I would not classify these as relating to 'tender', but I got the answer quickly because I saw the letter combination * Perhaps inevitable at this stage but in a very brief go at the game I saw the same puzzle multiple times - perhaps something needs to track what I've seen and not repeat it to me - at least within a single game
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Jan 30, 2015