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Steve Otf-Yahweh
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My grandfather Sergeant Masumi Mitsui is sitting beside yours. He is at the far left center. "August 2, 1985 During World War One, 196 Japanese-Canadians volunteered to fight for Canada. At Vimy Ridge, fought over four days in April, 1917, one of them, Sergeant Masumi Mitsui of Port Coquitlam, led his troop into battle with such distinction that he was awarded the Military Medal for Bravery. Of those 196 volunteers, 145 were killed or wounded. That remarkable Japanese-Canadian contribution was honored by the construction in 1920 in Stanley Park of a striking monument, surrounded by cherry trees, with an electric flame that was to burn forever. But the flame was switched off shortly after Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor. It would stay off for more than 40 years. Like so many others, Masumi Mitsui and his family had been forced from their home during the Second World War and scattered in internment camps across the country. Their farm, their house and all its contents were confiscated. He was so enraged he threw his medals down, onto the desk of the confiscating officer. But time healed this wound: on August 2, 1985—19 years ago today—Sgt. Mitsui, now 98, one of two surviving Japanese-Canadian soldiers who had served Canada so bravely, was brought in to turn the light on again. Mr. Mitsui died in 1987, five months short of his 100th birthday." Source: Contact me anytime, I have more info.
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Nov 8, 2011