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skep·tic also scep·tic (skptk) n. 1. One who instinctively or habitually doubts, questions, or disagrees with assertions or generally accepted conclusions. 2. One inclined to skepticism in religious matters. You call yourself "skeptic" yet use it to defame the beliefs and motives of everyone here. Why didn't you use your "skepticism" as to why we are the ONLY nation told to lower it(flag)? I'll tell you why. You're not a "skeptic" you're a progressive "God is dead!" ideologue that hides behind some intellectual thinker mask. "Look at my big brain you weak beings that rely on some fake god!" You're a joke! Do you have any idea what many on this site have done for this Country? Of course you do that's why you despise them. A real "skeptic" would have wondered why our flag was singled out not trash these people here. I know your type. You look at every thing that's wrong with the world and shake your fist at God and curse Him. Yet you do nothing yourself. These people no matter how far they fall short of what you think Christianity is are doing God's work. Lord, Lord when did we help You? "When I was thirsty you gave Me drink, when I was buried in rubble you looked for Me, when I was being shot at you jumped in front of Me, when I was oppressed you set Me free". So keep shaking your fist "skeptic" meanwhile these folks here and overseas are acting as God's Hands. O311, Out!
Toggle Commented Mar 17, 2010 on US flag too imperialist to fly in Haiti at BlackFive
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Here's another update of the article on FP: UPDATE 2--from Mark Perry: A senior military officer told Foreign Policy by email that one minor detail in my report, "The Petraeus Briefing" was incorrect: a request from General Petraeus for the Palestinian occupied territories (but, as I made clear, not Israel itself), be brought within CENTCOM's region of operation was sent to JCS Chairman Mullen - and not directly to the White House. My information was based on conversations with CENTCOM officials, who believed they were giving me correct information. It is significant that the correction was made, not because it is an important detail, but because it is was inconsequential to the overall narrative. In effect, the U.S. military has clearly said there was nothing in this report that could be denied.]
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"The Mullen briefing and Petraeus's request hit the White House like a bombshell." Why would this be a "bombshell". My guess is whatever Petraeus talked about isn't what the writer at FP seems to be suggesting. Obama hates Israel. So if Petraeus had a plan that would hurt Israel the CIC would've jumped on it. So the writer seems to have his own hopes of pushing Israel into a corner. I hope to God Petraeus isn't anti-Israel. But these numbnuts in power when confronted with reality double down and make things worse. So Petraeus probably tells them their plans aren't working so they send in the clown, Biden. This is a disaster of biblical proportions. That being said screw the Palis. They need to be shipped back to Jordan where they belong. No people who pass out candy when my fellow citizens either burn or jump from buildings deserve any land. When are we as a nation going to come to realize we got a Muslim lover in the WH? When are the American Jews going to get their head out of their collective asses and realize many of them elected for an anti-Semite and anti-American?
1 reply Thank you for your kind words!! Great post.
As I was reading this a light bulb turned on. Many of us believe that the progressives and Islam have teamed up years ago. Blumenthal and his ilk fear with anymore digging and pushing from folks like the EDL or anyone who stands against them that some damning info will come out. We should start with Code Pink who invited the Muslim Brotherhood to "come help cleanse our Country". Last I checked the Brotherhood is already here and in the Oval Office but I digress. Just a hunch but gotta feeling someone is about to uncover something horrific that will show clear connections between the progressives and terrorists. Keep up the good work Ms. Geller. On Blumentahl's Twitter( his background is a Menorah with a Nazi flag in the background. How fitting. He poses as a Jew yet when you look at him all you see is his allegiance to Nazi idealism. As far as the Breitbart pummeling, you can see him really turning to pudding when I believe Larry O'Connor tore him a new one. The Progressives only fight when they have no opposition i.e. babies in the womb,etc. Those supposedly tough Black Panthers at the voting booth got schooled by ONE Iraqi war vet when he walked between them and they did nothing.
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Mar 6, 2010