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"If it can be shown that disproportionate numbers of right-wingers attack left-wingers, or that disproportionate numbers of Pakistanis are sex offenders, then Straw and Krugman might have a point" To compare what Krugman and Straw said is a shocking false equivalence. Jack Straw drilled down to a quite specific demographic. Straw referred to specific mores of a specific sex in a specific town. Pakistanis are not all men. They're not all in Blackburn. They're not all unmarried and expected to marry a girl from Pakistan. I'm having a hard time reconciling the differences in editorial standard between this article and the last... "Straw sees a few sex offenders and links them to the “Pakistani community.”" No he did not. The truth is, we do not know what he's seeing. It is you that is making the link to Pakistani community. I understood immediately that he was referring to a very specific group perpetrators and a very specific group of victims. Your mind. Not his words. All we know is that the data on public record doesn't support his hypothesis. There may be undisclosed data that explains his concerns, there may not be. People used to talk about a specific problem within the Catholic church. The abuse of especially vulnerable young boys. The Vatican refused to release documents from internal investigations. For years people speculated with no evidence. After time many victims have come forward. Would things have been different if we had given more credence to the allegations, asked the Catholic church to be open and we'd all made an effort sooner to talk about it? It's not a difficult question.
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Jan 11, 2011