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A subject I love as a 54 year old, size 18 clothing lover. I'm not really a fashion lover, since that, to me, implies just having as much as one can of whatever is in the magazines. Quentin Crisp said, "Style is being yourself, but on purpose," and I like to dress with that in mind. I do find, as an observer, that everyone's clothing says tons about them. Sometimes it says, "I'm afraid of this language," or "I don't care much how I look," but that's still a message. No one can escape sending a message, for good or ill. I think the one thing that being middle-aged grants us is freedom to choose. We get liberated from the requirement to be beautiful or elegant or to fit into the expectations of our social class. I remember how rigid the dress expectations were for me in high school; everyone wore certain things whether they were flattering or not. Now I can choose what I like. I like costumey clothes, things that imply a different time or a different provenance from what is expected. Sometimes I'm the only one that sees it; for instance, I have a sheer, floaty skirt that is the precise peachy pink of a little girl's ballet skirt, but that may not be what anyone else would think about it. I suppose at the most basic, my clothing message is about being special and wanting your attention. I'm super outgoing and my clothes say so, but they're not any particular style (punk or classic talbot-y or soccer mom or hippie chick).
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May 11, 2010