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Hi Simon. I found you from a referral from a friend to the TED Video, and I like to say to you that you really have a message of value. As for this post, right now I am on an unrealistic project, I am working full time on it, I have the support from everybody at the office and your post really helps me in this moment. I am shooting for the fences here, there is no more "let's try" or "with time", right now is evolve or die! I want to win and inspire our clients. There is no room for disappointment or failure, it will get done, we will arrive. That is what I think unrealistic goals feel like, sound like. But I also have to confess that I get everyday working on this project my portion of doubt, of uncertainty, but I think is part of it, it comes with great attainment. Read you soon! Have a nice weekend.
Toggle Commented Aug 6, 2010 on Ready. Aim. Miss! at Re:Focus
This talks or subjects kind of make me wish for a simpler life. Sometimes I feel stuck in this goal-achieving-sales-results-entrepreneurial life I been leading. All thos places and people that he talks about I sense them like magical. My greatest example for longevity was my grandfather.. he lived that way, he lived til 87, walking, lots of friends in his home town, a huge garden, physical activity, very rigorous diet, and he counted the days for spending time with us, his grandchildren. :)
Hi Garr! Happy Holidays to you and all your family and friends. About the list, 3 of the books in the list are in my must buy list for 2010! I'm not that off track..
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Nov 19, 2009