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The key takeaway is that domainers are way out of touch with the language set of end users. They don't think about DOMAIN names, they think about BRAND names. They don't think about search and cpc, they think about how the name will look and sound on a shirt, sign, uniform, TV spot, packaging. That's why the logos spark ideas more than a sedo listing with domainer's metrics will.
On the other hand Facebook, LinkedIN etc put a portion of your post in an iframe sans ads and the readers never get on your site and counted.
This is depressing! It's also why I had to close comments on my blog.
I mean 1999 I come young and dumb btw, I didn't get world but do have EarthChamp. Does anybody see the photo of Rick shaking Don King's hand now in a different way. What a feeling that is to know the famous may get the credit but in this match the knock out scored by brains not brawn.
So here I come young and dumb in 1996 and I go to register and I see domain king then virtual dates, then next I try world and see domain king and virtual dates.... and imagine this 1000 times in 3 days.... who is this guy I wondered. Then I move to Boca and he's on the front page and it leads me to I am still convinced it's God talking
On a boardwalk you don't have time to brand. You don't need to brand. You need to sell. Brilliant!
I would tell him that the people at Google must have been feeling him, so they terminated reader to save him the time and trouble of terminating each subscription individually.
Gamble on any aspect of the Pope's life at your own peril. He may have struck gold but may also be sleeping above the next sinkhole to open.
Don'y bite your nose to spite your fave - there new JV program ha much potential for yours so maybe peace can be made and they will show up to collaborate on a host of names to fit their stated ambitions: (Yeah I know I called them morons too but I don't have the names that would ever appeal to them- you do)
He IS the point. The ac man is NOT in corporate America where some committee would order and debate a report then a report on the report and by the time they say no he'd been laid off cause he's over 40 and using too much healthcare
These are also a trick to get you to their pages- they try more and more of them everyday so they are spending marketing efforts to deliver eyeballs to us
I got one saying that I am in top 5%. Beauty is that they circulate the blog headlines and more and more people see them and click. It opens up our universe to the end user demographic and will become as valuable to delivering that prospect as Domaining is for delivering domain investor insiders.
Best line of whole website: "This partnership is not for wimps, whiners, or complainers. Negative people are infectious and we have no place for them. Clear enough?"
ntfw- but don't forget the subdomain factor- business are already out there built on a keyword they don't own as an address:
I located the archive transcript of the live blogging that generated interest and demand due to the stats and ideas being thrown out- (Will send to Rick). Rick has often said you can dismiss me as a kook but at your own peril. I save these transcripts so one day I can make that point better. When throwing out size of market research based on marketing metrics not standard domainer search metrics the answer was screaming out among this small snippet of a long list of others: sex (talk about cow poke) 1,060,000 for cow poke 360,000 for cow poke sex 2,580,000 for cowboys sex (mostly gay) Hollywood- the western is the biggest success story 2,770,000 for movies cowboys 2,420,000 for cowboys and indians the rodeo and now gay rodeo 178,000 for "gay rodeo". 23,500,000 for "rodeo" 133,000 for "rodeo cowboys about 2,280,000 for gay cowboys a steak chain 2,160,000 for cowboys restaurant In response.. Rick Schwartz wrote: "just make it an adult site for dating cowboys. It will do pretty well." You had the answer on October 18, 2007 Success begins with understanding. Think outside the domain box. btw, The name was sold with a site that in and of itself would have a lot of potential- Checkout the money some guy is making on Esty with a similar concept. Einstein said "everything of importance has been seen by someone who didn't discover it" SeanCody the gay porn king who paid $500K for what would he pay for this site? Also the guys who bought Cowboys have bad connotations with cigarettes but you could sure sell a lot of boots, hats, buckles, vests and turquoise under this brand. Bottom line: There is great value to the one who has the goods but not the brand. Find "him" I wish I had gotten in on it.
"Who knew there were so many gay cowboys?" I did. And i you go back and look at the thread on your board that was "live blogging" while the auction occurred I brought this up as well as Googled and cut and pasted all of the supporting research. :)
Far cry from the Dallas Cowboys who didn't want to spring for more than $275.00!
The quality of Ron Jackon's writing far exceeds what you typically find at Forbes and Forbes would do well by readers to syndicate some of Ron's stuff. As a blogger I can't tell you how often I turn to Ron's archives for background on a story. Thank God he was there taking notes while history was happening. I am most envious of Ron's personal achievements; the pride and support he expresses for his children and for doing what I haven't- came to the mid life picture in the mirror and decided he would get healthy and stay healthy. He looks terrific! One thing as a headline writer I take notice of is how many different words he can come up with to report hundreds of sales like: " scratched up $9,769 and pulled $5,110. inhaled $5,000 and secured $2,958." I started counting and came up with generated drew hauled in tuned in contributed kicked in captured corralled sounded grossed dispensed drummed up welcomed notched made cooked clicked attracted hauled captured banked added notched cornered rang up corralled tallied fetched landed yielded produced discovered posted banked counted out delivered deposited clicked for Always playing on the domain and never repeated. That's talent! The best piece of advice Ron offered was in 2003 when people were smitten with the few reported large sales. He tried to adjust their expectations "In closing we should emphasize that these are the highest value sales that have been reported in the past week. These are not average selling prices. One of the biggest impediments to making sales is pricing domains at unrealistic levels. For most of us, pricing domains at these levels will leave us waiting a long time to make a sale! We hope you will use the information presented here as a measuring stick that will help you price your domains at levels that will put more money in your pocket more often!" Guess more folks now who couldn't afford to hold out and had to drop assets, heeded his advice. Congratulations Ron!
And YouTube is putting 30-60 preroll spots over all of them so they are making money off the pirated content whereas bit sites are about free content not profiting from other's work. Even the Presidential candidates ran ads over pirated videos. Not leading by example.
So true. For years when I was ahead of the pack as an Apple user people would ask "Owen why do you use that Apple. I just don't see how it's different and why if it was an good Microsoft wouldn't make one better." The answer was Microsoft is a bean counter and Apple is a seller. When the MS Office suite was unleashed in businesses employees somehow got the idea that their role was to sit in cubicles and produce endless spreadsheets and ppt presentations then set up endless meetings with management in corner offices to discuss, debate, change and even micromanage them out of existence. That's why when 300 guys get laid off no one even asks what they were working on, the don't get replaced and it doesn't matter. I call this FailureToInnovate (com)- and while all look to blame the government for costing jobs, we should really be looking at Microsoft.
Actually in the online shoe biz Thursday is the biggest day. The women get together to shop shoes on the PC while the guys watch football. The best Black Friday names are WalMart and Best Buy because that's where the crowds go. However I give Kevin props. The industry told me I was crazy when in 2009 I proffered that Schilling and Ham were leaving billions on the table by ignoring Lifetime Customer Value. Kevin took heed and proved the theory. Now if only other domains could put such focus on a high traffic name (that they are among the very fortunate to have these days), no one would need to worry about parking or minisites or anything. we will meet again
"I was doing some research on a name and I started finding some other info" I can relate. GREAT post! Owen