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Bringing back fond memories of our cruise to Alaska last year on a small ship. Mendenhall Glacier was just beautiful.
Don't get me started :) Kyle is such a great resource. Still on ACA, with low premiums, but as TX residents spending quite a bit of time in CA with family now, it's basically worthless. We try and pass through TX once a year for my annual check-ups. 4 more years until Medicare, yippee!
We were in Burnsville, MS at the VanLeigh manufacturing plant getting a tour. With our group of about 20 people I overheard a gentleman mentioning they had just come from a rally. My ears perked up and asked him "which rally"? Was cool to find out they had just come from yours :) Didn't catch their name, but they were the ones with the Vilano :) Miss you guys!
George's SIL's niece and husband are living in a tiny house, and were featured on the show 'Tiny House Nation' on FYI network last month. So far they seem to love living in it, and as far as I know they haven't had any issues finding RV parks that will accept them. My question is the same, Why not just buy an RV? Seems for the cost, there is more square footage in an RV.
Wow, 11 years already? When we think about our RV life, almost to our 5th anniversary now, we can't even imagine that yet. I'm very proud to tell people you two were (still are!) our mentors. Happy anniversary!
We just upgraded our Direct TV receivers yesterday. Love the PIP feature, and now happy to be able to record more than 2 shows at a time :) The only downside was losing all the movies we had DVR'd on the free weekends. We decided to give it up so we could have newer equipment in both rooms.
It was because of those mundane 'day to day' journal entries that we had the courage and knowledge to go full time. I, for one, know what a pain it is to write a blog post, especially while workamping and have nothing to talk about :) I keep thinking that somewhere out there is a newbie or wannabe reading all this mundane stuff, and hitting the road someday. Thanks for all you do.
Thanks for being diligent and blogging about your trip. Though I didn't read every day's adventure story (working at Amazon made me too tired!), I surely did enjoy what I did see! Welcome back to the states, and here's to 2016!
I think Murphy left Montana and moved to Michigan!! Hopefully this is the last of Murphy for both of us :)
So glad to hear about Sterling's prognosis! That is terrific!!
I'm sure you being there has been a big relief to Sterling. Even though he sounds prepared for the eventuality, it's a scary time. Prayers for all of you from us.
Thinking about you guys as you deal with yet another family illness. It's no fun for sure, but being mobile is one of the pluses for these times. Praying for Sterling as well..
That cracked us up. The little town we've been in all summer is very similar. 900 people is all. We were welcomed as locals when we first dined at the local 'Truck Stop'. Every time we go in we get busted by the son who is constantly telling George what he should and should not eat :) Going to miss them!
As you know it was because of the Longs rally in 2010 that we are approaching our third year on the road. Thanks for putting yourselves "out there" to inspire all of us to enjoy this life. Happy Anniversary!
Hope the mosquitoes aren't too bad there. We are starting to get used to the hours of daylight here too in central Montana. That sun comes up so early, and 10 pm it finally gets dark!
So sad to be missing the reunion rally :( Unfortunately we will be starting a new workamping gig in Montana on the 18th of May. Be there all summer! We too watched the Masters. Was happy to see Mickelson at least come in 2nd. We are starting golf lessons tomorrow, woot!
What a beautiful tribute to you Mom. I absolutely love the idea of the Forget Me Not seeds! I'm sure your Mom was smiling down at the love that was being outpoured for her.
I'm sure Anita will be smiling down on the memorial service you have planned for her. You have been an exceptional son. Hugs again to both of you as you celebrate her life tomorrow.
I can so feel your sadness and sense of loss. Try to be strong for those who might not be. Know that she is going to a such better place where she will not be in pain. Love to you both.
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2014 on It Appears The End Is Near at RV-Dreams Journal
Oh, Howard, we are so sad to learn this news. It isn't easy for anyone, let alone your Dad. Please know you ALL are in our prayers.
Toggle Commented Dec 2, 2014 on Deep Sadness at RV-Dreams Journal
We're so sorry to hear about your Mom. Taking care of parents is one of the hard things in life. Being mobile is something that makes it a bit easier. Prayers for all of you during this time.
Toggle Commented Nov 23, 2014 on No Journal Entries For Awhile at RV-Dreams Journal
We've had several problems with our Dimplex from day one, mostly always the switch. Each time we've called them, they send another one, no questions asked. Good people to work with. You'd think they'd make a better switch :)
Thanks for doing all that research :) Our Verizon contract runs out in December. We have been very lucky to be workamping at places that have terrific free wifi, so our plan only uses 2GB of data. We tend to like to upgrade our phones every two years anyway, so this new Edge plan may be the ticket, and we could possibly up our data a bit to keep the same cost of around $170/month.
Oh my! I'm glad it wasn't anything more serious, and that someone was kind enough to call you. She could have been laying there awhile! I'm sure you guys are happy that you are in the area for times like this.
We both think Linda looks fantastic! That is a very flattering cut. Shorter hair & no more coloring for me was the easiest thing to do on the road. Saves money too :-)