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Yo O
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Why the heck did they remove this??? I mean if they thought we didn't want to see this, why not have an option for us to turn it off. I just commented how I was upset about losing my entire DVD queue after cancelling DVD service because I wanted to see when DVDs are available to be streamed. I CANCELLED my DVD service because I thought they had ADDED all my "Saved" instant movies back to be able to be watched. They didn't and now I can't see my DVD queue either although NOTHING WAS DELETED. Why are they hiding this????
Cancelled DVD service. DVD queue GONE! I figured they would just leave my DVD queue there and prevent from sending me any titles. I think I remember this was how it worked in years past but not really sure about that? I figured they could temporarily restore access to me or something, but the dude was like nope. He actually said he could see that they were still there and he was literally looking at my queue of over 140 movies, but I wouldn't be able to see them unless I pay for another month of service at some point in the future. Really irks me because I just want to know when movies in my DVD queue become available to Instant Streaming. This changeover wasn't very well thought out.
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Sep 20, 2011