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Scott Pactor
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my math was wrong on the sweden pay out. i take it back.
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i hate to beat a dead horse on this issue, but does no one recognize that spotify payments have gone up on a per play basis in markets like sweden and the uk? Is the per stream payment not fixed to the revenue received by spotify a la the way salary caps are fixed in pro sports? at the every least, the increase in per stream payment in other markets deserves to be mentioned when you talk about the "low" per stream payment for spotify in the us. just as a single example, the per stream pay out in sweden is something like seven or eight cents a track.
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The issue that is never mentioned in these articles is that spotify pays different rate in different territories, and i assume this a function of short term agreements and renegotiation, similar to what happens with the way professional sports league adjust salary cap based on total revenue. This is important, since it means territories where spotify is more established pay higher royalties.
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Jun 5, 2012