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Many of the calculations about the lost revenue from concessionary travel for the elderly make the false assumption that every journey would still be made if it had to be paid for. WRONG! Many, if not most, journeys are ONLY made because they are free. And the marginal cost of these journeys - nearly all "Off Peak" - is Zero. Many of these journeys generate collateral income as a result of non travel expenditure - e.g. in (inter alia) shops, pubs and restaurants. Good for the economy.
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Meaningless guff Jonathan. Here's my attempt: "We will govern for the people, not for ourselves. We will encourage and support all of our citizens who are able and honest, creative, unselfish and fair. We will help those who are disadvantaged and who struggle. We will be slaves to no ideology and always remember that it is an honour to serve."
Toggle Commented Sep 18, 2010 on A narrative for this government (#3) at thetorydiary
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Sep 18, 2010