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Yes, there are hundreds of thousands of Chinese working here in Italy. But that doe not explain much. I'm not a leftist, and I consider China has been worse than Nazi Germany, and it's currently the worse regime in the world, but what does this mean? A virus, once it's spread, is not more infectious in a Chinese men than in an Italian. Until February, there were hundreds, if not thousands of Italians traveling back and forth from China **each day**, mainly for business. I myself have been in China three times in the last year and a half. So, why should these Chinese people working here be more significant than those living in San Francisco? They are mainly poor people, here since many years, most of them have no money to go back in China, and many cannot go home because they escaped illegally; many are in Tuscany, where the contagion has been minor. Yes, China is responsible for this pandemic, but it's not the case that each single ethnic Chinese is a vehicle of infection. There is no evidence that the infection in Italy comes directly from Chinese people; it could be, of course, who knows? but there is no relation with how many of them are here. The two Chinese guys found positive in Rome have not caused anything: Rome has very few deaths even if it's by far the biggest city in Italy, almost twice bigger than Milano. The 38 y/o man who was called "case number one", in Lodi, said he could have caught the virus from a Chinaman, but it was found that man was clean. And so on.
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Apr 4, 2020