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Can't remember if I commented on this post yet, sorry if I commented twice - but that bling bling star is catching my eye :-D
Thanks for all the chances to win - I had a great time yesterday and this morning (it was still world cardmaking day somewhere - right?)
That little deer looks just like the sugar ones they put on the christmas cakes here in Belgium :-)
Love the soft patterned papers of the third card - such fun uses of die cutting!
Love the layered patterned papers towards the center! Great idea!
OMG! I need one of these crafter bags - it's awesome!
That CardMap is just my style - feeling inspired!
What a fun card! So colorful!
what a huge giveaway - would love to win that!
Flair buttons!!! :-)
Oh the hedgehogs even look fuzzy! Jennifer makes awesome cards (I follow her on YouTube) :-)
That's an awesome diecut, with the white outline. You could do that yourself with stamps and scissors :-)
I think I'll make a card based on this sketch as well, it'll probably turn out completely different, but that's cool!
You can never have enough ink colors :-)
What a great idea! I have a bunch of red mini clothes pins that I kept for christmas tags, but they would be great on cards as well!
Happy WCMD! Those woodgrain embellishments look amazing!
What a great interpretation of the sketch! Love the use of the flower diecut!
I use some of the same techniques for my vacation scrapbooking - great to see them all laid out like this. I've been following along avidly this week. Love the stamp, crossing my fingers for it!
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Oh wow! Love the background bokeh effect. Gotta try this myself!
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This is great! I don't mind second hand stamps - they have a long life :-D Another wonderful GIVEAWAY!
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My favorite teen memories are definitely from camp. I did a lot of those - with the health insurance community my parents were part off (it's different here in Belgium, you have to be part of a health insurance community, but they organize lots of things for young families, for kids, for disabled people etc...). There was one camp, a crafters camp, that was the most fun. There was silk dying, basket weaving, painting, and lots of other stuff... Actually, now that I think of it, it must have been part of my road to scrapbooking!
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I had great fun photographing Lisbon... We went there for six days (which is a very long city trip, admittedly) and we saw loads of things and I still feel I can discover much more there. Plus - the city is just beautiful, lots of small tiled streets, decorated houses, angled views...
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2010 on welcome 'city straps'... at still me
Ooooohh!! These bags are super! Crossing my fingers here...
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2010 on Giveaway!!! at still me
I once wanted to compete in a photography/writing contest where you had to take pictures of something in your community that meant a lot to you and write an accompanying text. I took pictures of a small chapel in the nearest forest that has been tended to by my family for years. They were beautiful pictures, taken in an autumn evening sun (early November). A day later my grandfather passed away, on All Souls Day. I always remember him when I see those pictures - and they were chosen to appear in the compilation book! A very moving and special event to think back on...
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