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Arcolyn went with him to the Golden Fish, not really surprised that the agent was staying at such an expensive inn. Several people looked up from their meals or their drinks as the unseasonable cold invaded the room with Arcolyn and the agent but they quickly returned their attention to what they had been doing. Most of the patrons of the inn were well-to-do merchants or lesser nobility who enjoyed rubbing elbows with the common folk. Arcolyn saw one of the latter dandling a laughing serving girl on his knee while his fellows played cards at the table beside him. Arcolyn realized that the agent had been speaking to him while he had looked about the room, his mind on trivial things. “Yes, yes!” he replied testily as the agent removed his hand from Arcolyn’s shoulder. He seemed annoyed at having to physically touch Arcolyn in order to gain his attention and Arcolyn felt sheepish. As the agent wiped his hand on his trousers as though it were soiled from touching Arcolyn, the younger man gave his order to the irritated barkeep and followed the agent to a quiet table in the corner. “Now, to business,” the agent said greedily.
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Glad I don't have a soul so that I didn't have to spend much time on this flow chart! Okay, so I did... just to see which teams people with souls tend to watch. I was amused by "It's too damn... hot for baseball"
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Mar 6, 2011