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Heather Palatucci
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eeek! the fashion plates!!! i remember the little crayon holder thing... the memories... they're all coming back!!!
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i just came across your blog... it's beautiful! you have such a creative eye :) i was also drawn to that adorable little boy of yours... i, too, have a little guy named leo! looking forward to reading more!
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it's so hard having to sift through all of these educational options as parents! i never thought it could be so consuming... while i know there will be a time that a choice will have to be made... whether it be public school, private school, charter school, homeschool... for now, i completely subscribe to the theory of not subscribing to a theory :) waldorf... montessori... non-violent communication... they all have their places and wonderful attributes. i find that by committing to one method can limiting, while it also doesn't allow us to feel what is instinctual as parents... where the most valuable knowledge can be found! i completely love taking the aspects of all the methods that i find inspiring, and then using my own motherly (and teacher-ly) instincts, and applying them to our lives. so nice meeting you, liz! i'm sure you will surround your little girl with lots of love and learning... in whatever ways you choose!
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Jul 3, 2010