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They is called bootstraps, and all demoonbats only wear clogs. is far and away the finest online alternative university in the, well, universe - Why, they don't even have David Barton's take on the biblical righteousness of thin thighs, although I suspect communism. Okay, they're good, but their insistence that anyone can become a diamond merely by following the plan and working hard and turning over their contact lists? Pishtosh, some people don't have it. Face it. Nooo, silly lib, with you're crazy brain and your 'Bachelor' of 'Science', the entire educational system needs reform from the bottom up, from preschool with it's 'books' when those dear precious snowflakes can hold a small pick by that point, to college, with its 'books' and loose drugs and casual dress code and naughty bits exposing, whereas if they'd have done what did I do, and gone to, and become what I am in one hard trimester of studies and the Constitution, and look at me, I am Marie of Romania.
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2013 on Shit Child O'Mine at Whiskey Fire
Writers block tip: On a separate sheet of paper, just start writing anything - Blog posts (this is made of win, incidentally), sports reports of the last game you watched, Wesley/Worf slash, haiku of the charge of the Light Brigade, wevs. Make it as insane as you want, actually, as insane as you possibly can ("At halftime, they reattached River's arm with baling wire and shot him full of enough steroids to make his balls hit the vanishing point...") This technique clears out the mental roadblocks, call 'em enrons or whatever the goddammit scientologists call 'em, doesn't matter, and may also result in usable writing on its own.
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2010 on the frozen pretzel conundrum at WWdN: In Exile
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Nov 3, 2010