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In every profession I have been involved with, there have been Continuing Education requirements, so I am used to taking classes to stay current with my profession. I have never come away from any class thinking "wow, that teacher was just trying to take my money". The price was always announced ahead of time, and people had the choice of signing up or not,i.e., it is available for those who want it. I have taken 3 Stand-up Bootcamps with Kyle Cease and Louie Anderson, and I was very impressed and inspired from the start. I have found that my comedy writing has become more honest and connected to who I really am. Plus, I am writing and performing much more than ever before, and really excited about my career. My focus is stronger and I am treating this, my career, more seriously. Could this have happened without taking the Bootcamps? Who knows?! For me it wasn't happening. All I can say is that Kyle and Louie, and all the other top headliners who share their insights at the bootcamps, are sincere about helping us succeed. Of course we could find headlining comics on our own and get their opinions and advice for free. But what is wrong with people having an honest business where these opportunities are provided, and people can either take the class or not!?! As far as Kyle's interview on this site, he is simply describing the world of comedy and being honest as performers, allowing our intuition to guide us, and finding our voice or point of view. As a comic, I can hear this information over and over, and always gain fresh insight. It isn't an ad to take the class, and even if it were such a creature in this society of free commerce, so what?! Thanks for initiating this discussion. If you are a comic, I am sure you would actually enjoy taking the stand-up bootcamps as Continuing Education courses for your profession!
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Sep 13, 2010