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I find this issue frustrating because most of the people talking about the decline of TEC in numbers and budgets are framing the issue in terms of the current controversies rather than any dispassionate analysis of the real issues. In other words, let's blame it all on +Gene Robinson and the liberals. The typical liberal response is to deny the problem and offer anecdotal evidence that their church or diocese is doing just fine. I think we have gone far enough down this road to see that the problem is real, and is not going away. We are seeing declines among all of the mainline churches and many evangelical denominations as well. Even the Southern Baptists are seeing declines. This is not a liberal / conservative issue, but an issue of how well we are doing our job in a changing world. There is plenty of data out there if we would pay attention to it and analyze it properly. The church needs to move beyond its partisan battles and face this issue head on. Our future depends on it.
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2009 on Lessons from the Fall at Entangled States
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Nick, does this mean the world really is flat after all? Paul Martin
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