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Hi Joe, I am a former All- American distance runner, turned triathlete. I am now a TP coach and one of my athletes is a burned out swimmer turned cyclist. She was a state champion in the butterfly and back stroke in high school and spent hours a day training until 2 years ago. She swam 2 seasons in college and then took up cycling. She is now a senior in college and wants to compete in the Collegiate Nationals for cycling. I am curious how duration would work in this circumstance? She has a well developed aerobic system and has improved, as you cite, by increasing cycling volume. In order to improve, do you think she needs to continue increasing her total cycling volume or keep that steady and increase the intervals? I have had her increasing the intervals recently, since for a time, she did not want to have anything to do with intervals and just rode her bike a lot of miles. Now she is open to being coached. So, I guess what I am wondering is, in the case of an athlete changing sports, whether the same rule of increasing duration will improve performance (for about 4 years) or whether that would be different if it is a well trained athlete?
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Oct 12, 2018