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I, for one, think that Blockbuster is getting what it deserves and will do what I can to see that they have further financial difficulties. Customer service with Block Buster, from my experience, is slim to none. Not to mention their coercive tactics. I see them loosing even more money on the next quarter. I was a member of their online and in store service for 10 years or more. They sent online customers emails recently telling us that we had no choice but to take services that are inferior to what we were use to or pay more money to get what we're use to. I can get more for my money on NetFlix now. I was paying $17.99/3 movies service. I could take these movies in to a Blockbuster store and trade them for 3 movies. Blockbuster would send the movies back for me and I’d get another 3 within 1 to 2 days. Before they came up with this plan I’d only get 3 movies a week and according to Blockbuster, at that time, this was the fault of the Post office. Now I’ll still get 3 movies for the money but will only get 5 trade in movies where I can get 17 hours of downloads from NetFlix. Most movies aren’t even 2 hours anymore so I’m not even getting 10 hours of movies. So, I decided I’d let my Blockbuster plan run out and get the movies back to them on my due date. They cut my service off 2 weeks before it was done. My billing date is on the 21st of the month and they stopped my service on the 9th. How I found this out is I called Blockbuster customer service when I did not receive my movies. I usually turn my movies in on a Sunday and then I get new movies in the mail on Tuesday. Well when I didn’t receive them on Tuesday I figure it was possible that there could have been a postal error, but when I didn’t receive them on Wednesday I called customer service. I told them I wanted a refund for the next two weeks or my service to work as it has until my billing/expiration date. They told me they’d give me two free weeks on my next month’s service, but I had to pick a new plan. I told them I wasn’t planning on picking a new plan but wished to have a refund or the service I’ve already paid for. I also pointed out that they weren’t giving me a free two weeks service with their option because I’ve already paid for those two weeks. They are fraudulently holding my money hostage until I pick one of their plans. I explained that this was coercion and I will not be blackmailed or coerced into choosing an inferior plan to one that I can get someplace else. They told me that they don’t give refunds. I asked to speak to their supervisor. She just parroted the same thing. My next step is to contact all of the local consumer advocates here locally and alert them as to Blockbuster’s tactics. I consider it stealing when someone keeps my money and does not render the services I’ve paid for. I think people who are considering signing up for Blockbuster should be aware of this tactic. What if they should decide to cancel their service if it wasn’t everything they thought it would be? They’d possibly be loosing money too with this policy because canceling online debited services you have to give enough notice so that everyone can contact everyone’s bank otherwise you will be charged again. Since Blockbuster doesn’t give refunds that presents a problem. This is so aggravating for me because I have had NetFlix before and when I cancelled with them they simply told me to have the movies back before my due date and I did. That’s how you do business. You don’t strong arm people into being a customer. I feel like I’m in the midst of some kind of Mafia maneuver with Blockbuster. I also want to find a way to unite with any other disgruntled customers such as myself and see if we can’t get a class action suite going. I’m contacting my attorney first thing in the morning. It’s not the money I’m bothered with as much as the intimidation tactics they are using.
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2007 on Major Shakeup at Blockbuster at Hacking NetFlix